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A) After the last episode (Finale Part 1), I'm really thinking there is more than meets the eye to Brian's family, or at least part of the family, specifically Dad.


I think Dad has ties... to... something, haha. He's too darn smart not to have been recruited by one of the 3-letter agencies. Or Sands. Or Morra. Or whoever the Big Bad is, if it's not Sands or Morra.


Right now, I *want* to believe that Brain's dad is being coerced by Sands or Morra to discourage Brian from... something. Because dad has tried (in his own horrible way) to be supportive of Brian at various times. It's just been... twisted, if you will into something that verbally sabotages Brian, or bans him from the house or similar.


Stretching quite a bit, I could see Rachael being used as a plant by the same entity, to get Brian to open up about his relationships and things.


The other reason I get this feeling is because viewers hate the family with such passion. And the same readers have said how brilliant the writing is on this story, this show. Would such brilliant writers write something that we hate to watch? In the end, looking back? Really?! I don't think so... I think there will be a reveal, maybe not in this season, that there is more to Brian's family than meets the eye.


B) Piper. What's up with that character? Aside from Brian, has any of the main or minor cast seen Piper? Met her?


Piper said (I think) that Morra was looking for her, and Morra kind of confirmed it one day when Brian met/corned Morra in a car, but it was with Morra's typical Cheshire cat face that makes me wonder if he was playing along with Brian.


Is Piper real? There, I said it. Is she real, or is she a figment of Brian's imagination and / or induced by something in the immunity shot Morra gives Brian and / or a neutral side effect of NZT that nobody's noticed?


We know that Brian planted DNA on the body that was found on the subway tracks, sooo... there was no Piper really there, either.


Has Morra created a pipe dream for Brian to chase, like a carrot on a stick to lead Brian wherever Brian wants him?


I like to think out of the box on my favorite shows of paths the writers could go. Have any speculation of your own?

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Ah, right, thanks for reminding me.


Pulling something silly out of thin air, then, what if... "Piper" is a disguise worn by Sands or one of his henchmen, and all of the above that I said?


LOL That would be too childish for this show.


But I like trying to guess and speculate where the writers are going!

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