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  1. Interesting... for as much TC hate as there is here, I'm surprised to see blaming Annie for taking the pills. I don't have strong feelings for the Annie character either way, butI believe her. My thought, from the moment that *Kenny* reported the pills missing, was that Kenny took the pills to sell (or already sold by this point) in order to pay his loan sharks and had been hiding /transporting pills in various co-workers garments / lockers. Thus, I took Kenny's apprehension of Topher looking through the lockers, because he knew the latest batch to be transported was in TC's jacket, and presuming that Kenny has a decent co-worker connection to TC, he didn't want TC to be the one in trouble. But Annie... Kenny has no connection to Annie, so she was the easy target - the easy way out for Kenny. Kenny taking the pills and hiding them in TC's jacket, which Jordan then finds in TC's jacket also lends itself to some nice TC/Jordan angst in the future, if I know these writers.
  2. Who the heck is Sam?! New character in the middle of a season...? Interesting.
  3. +1 here Interesting... I never knew or thought of that. That's exactly what happened with me. I was all ready to petition brands to get involved in Limitless by selling my soul (my wallet?) to them, but I didn't because I wasn't sure of the fate of the show... And thus, without knowing the fate of the show, I knew no brand would be able to commit... Argh! Darn you, logic and marketing!
  4. Oooohhh, Mills just stood up to the Chief on a subject. I would have never seen that coming. And I'm not sure if it's character growth, or out of character, yet. More episodes will tell!! And for as bummed as Kelly was about the idea of being resigned to desk duty due to surgery, I'm very surprised at this negative reaction to the experimental surgery. Yes, a person is correct IMO to be wary of an experimental surgery that could cause paralysis, but c'mon - the Kelly character is all about big risks and ignoring consequences! ... Unless his character is growing too in the middle of this first season.
  5. Wow. I love reading smart people's comments. They're so ... smart... and insightful! I, too, knew the ending was wonky, probably on purpose to go either way: happy ending because of a cancellation, or possibly trickery in the case of a new season. This is nothing new for us Chuck fans, who had one of those double-possibility season endings for THREE seasons... as we shoved so much name-brand sandwiches in our mouths. LOL And now I'm off to an off-topic thread...
  6. Thanks Squidprincess. Yea, all of the characters are really growing on me. But I have another problem with season 1, now... It feels like the episodes are out of order because there are what looks like huge chuncks of information shown in the first little "Previously on Chicago Fire..." bits that I totally haven't seen! And I feel fairly confident that I haven't slept through them, since I've been streaming them for the past 3 days. LOL I say "episodes out of order" because that's exactly what happened to another show that I streamed from a different streaming provider. However, the Wikipedia page has them in the same order I watched them.... Strange. Did anybody else feel the same way, watching season 1 live? So far, all the characters are really likeable. Well, except Mouch, but I think he's meant to be somewhat unlikable, haha! Oh, and Casey's original girlfriend, but that may be just me. I guess I'm shipping Casey and Dawson at this point, but they're cute as just buddies, too, so I won't be upset if they don't hook up. Happy watching, all!
  7. Just watched S1E1 because a lot of the seasons are available for free from my cable provider right now. ... Wow! That was an emotional ride for a first episode. And hey, it's the guy from House! It has the format of a medical show, and apparently deep relationships, so I'm hooked!! (Or at least as long as I can get it free...) I do hope it gets easier to keep track of who is who when their suited up and "on the job" with their face masks though. If not for closed captions, I wouldn't have known who was speaking. LOL
  8. Ah, right, thanks for reminding me. Pulling something silly out of thin air, then, what if... "Piper" is a disguise worn by Sands or one of his henchmen, and all of the above that I said? LOL That would be too childish for this show. But I like trying to guess and speculate where the writers are going!
  9. A) After the last episode (Finale Part 1), I'm really thinking there is more than meets the eye to Brian's family, or at least part of the family, specifically Dad. I think Dad has ties... to... something, haha. He's too darn smart not to have been recruited by one of the 3-letter agencies. Or Sands. Or Morra. Or whoever the Big Bad is, if it's not Sands or Morra. Right now, I *want* to believe that Brain's dad is being coerced by Sands or Morra to discourage Brian from... something. Because dad has tried (in his own horrible way) to be supportive of Brian at various times. It's just been... twisted, if you will into something that verbally sabotages Brian, or bans him from the house or similar. Stretching quite a bit, I could see Rachael being used as a plant by the same entity, to get Brian to open up about his relationships and things. The other reason I get this feeling is because viewers hate the family with such passion. And the same readers have said how brilliant the writing is on this story, this show. Would such brilliant writers write something that we hate to watch? In the end, looking back? Really?! I don't think so... I think there will be a reveal, maybe not in this season, that there is more to Brian's family than meets the eye. B) Piper. What's up with that character? Aside from Brian, has any of the main or minor cast seen Piper? Met her? Piper said (I think) that Morra was looking for her, and Morra kind of confirmed it one day when Brian met/corned Morra in a car, but it was with Morra's typical Cheshire cat face that makes me wonder if he was playing along with Brian. Is Piper real? There, I said it. Is she real, or is she a figment of Brian's imagination and / or induced by something in the immunity shot Morra gives Brian and / or a neutral side effect of NZT that nobody's noticed? We know that Brian planted DNA on the body that was found on the subway tracks, sooo... there was no Piper really there, either. Has Morra created a pipe dream for Brian to chase, like a carrot on a stick to lead Brian wherever Brian wants him? -- I like to think out of the box on my favorite shows of paths the writers could go. Have any speculation of your own?
  10. Just saw a preview for this... and was only half paying attention... I think I'm interested. LOL
  11. At the risk of getting myself banned from these boards, why do you all continue to watch a show you do not like any part of? I'm just curious, but perhaps this is troll-territory. Ah well, good luck to each of you in finding something fulfilling for you in life!
  12. Yeah, totally the same moto-ped. (The engine noise sounds really tinny and toy-ish to me, so maybe my hearing is going. But I can't in my right mind call it a motorcylce. Sorry; personal nitpick.) I briefly wondered about that too.I'm thinking that these were another episode-out-of-order. But now that I'm talking about it.... Be right back. ;)
  13. I just watched the second preview on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YZzL3Ufxu8 ... Oh TC, don't go down THAT path. I know it's a small slide, but that's a path with a very slippery slope, friend. Sad face. :-( However, the same preview clip also gets me excited for some tense, possibly tearful TC / Jordan moment(s). Yeah, probably just one... that's okay. My fan-wank head-cannon says that the entire season finale will be TC / Jordan based, so I can wait happily. :D
  14. All I'd like to say is that A) Ragosa "petting" the wall after he punched it was a nice "little thing" that really made me smile. Thanks to the actor and / or writer who thought of that. B) I did not like TC's hair-style/cut this episode at all. It was way too much in his face. Not enough TC and / or TC with Jordan this episode for me. But that's ok... I have a feeling that the last or second to last episode of the season will be ALL about the baby and / or baby tragedy. Happy sigh. Also, even I, with my suspension of disbelief think Paul should be in major trouble by now: stealing in this episode, punching a patient / rapist in previous episode, letting the Hispanic girl die out in the tackle store while TC and Jordan were working on Hector, not noticing the raped girl had something stuck in her, lying to Jordan and letting the older grandma benefactor get away with smoking weed, risking radioactive infection of the entire hospital by not handling that guy properly, and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. Surely these mis-steps are not going un-noticed by the writers. Surely they are smart enough to have it all catch up with him in at least some, small way. Also, some of the promos for past episodes have hinted that Paul was going to be injured or in trouble with his job. I know and understand and accept that promos are MEANT to intentionally mislead us for that particular episode. But, in other shows, particularly NBC dramas I've watched, the promos end up relating to / foreshadowing something in the finale...
  15. Off topic, but WOOT WOOT for basketball games! I've never watched basketball in my life, but because the championship is taking the place of a show that my family would normally watch at the same time as my precious Night Shift means I get to watch live and add my number to the viewer count! Oh, oh, and I'll be able to play Reward TV for it too! Scrubbin' in for my favorite TC with under an hour until showtime! :)
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