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S03.E08: Lord of the Pi's

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From IMDB: "Selma Rose, the wealthy grand-daughter of the founder of Hearst College and a member of the Hearst College Board of Trustees, mysteriously disappears the night before she is to cast a swing vote that will determine the fate of the Greek system on campus. Keith, with Veronica's help, is hired by Dean O'Dell to investigate the disappearance. Meanwhile, Veronica has been rehired as a photographer at the Hearst Free Press, but she and Logan fight over her involvement in the rape case."

Logan yelling at Veronica and Keith telling him to stop and then Logan saying "you might want to start" is great. I hate that Logan and Veronica are fighting about this but it's totally understandable and I just wish they would learn to talk to each other more because a lot of this crap could be avoided with communication. I understand Logan's instinct to want to protect Veronica and I understand her not being able to drop the case but doesn't she realize that she could just get Logan to help her and he'd be fine? Like I know she wants to be independent and all that but she was always getting help in the past seasons so it's not like she's incapable of working with someone. 

Patty Hearst! Crazy guest spot. I like the way this mystery plays out. I always like it when they're able to turn the tables on some douchebag. 

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The scene where Logan tells Keith he might want to start is probably the episode's best moment, because this is one that doesn't work for me on any level, mostly due to Hearst's crazy stunt-casting.

Apart from the episode's mystery being sort of weirdly convoluted, Hearst is apparently incapable of reading a script without sounding like a robot.  Every time she opened her mouth to say a line, I cringed, because it was so stilted and horrible.  Awful.  Awful.  So awful that it distracted me from whatever else I'm supposed to be paying attention to.

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I agree that Hearst is terrible, and strangely unlikable even as the "good guy" in this one. It's an odd choice, I get that it was a nod to Hearst college and at this point in the run they were going for anything that would draw in more viewers, but I question that logic when it actually hurts the episode. I mean Paris Hilton is no Meryl Streep but at least she was playing rich bitch and did manage to pull it off a bit. 

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Yeah, didn't love this one. It also leaves the overarching mystery in a weird spot, which I guess I'll see how it goes in a bit.

Also: the hell is Veronica doing in terms of Logan. She seemed like she was legitimately understanding and okay with him after their argument, and then doesn't answer his calls? Come on.

I liked Dick in this episode, he's done a good job of returning to being a lovable goofball.

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