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Again With This: Iliza Do-more-than-a-little

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Absolutely co-sign on many of the comments in this episode, from the dopiness of Molly and Brooke, the hamminess of Shemar, the great-but-loud gameplay of Iliza, the very good-but-quiet gameplay of Brandon and the overall awesomeness of Laverne.


And yeah, Eva Mendes is a tough one to get on her actual credits. Maybe "Latina actress, blank Longoria" to get Eva, but I'm not sure about how to get the last name. Sam Mendes isn't the type of director with a big public profile.


Yvette Nicole Brown next week? Yay.

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When conversation turned to Brandon Routh's career, I was expecting Joe to mention that he got his start playing a bland boyfriend of Jessica's on OLTL. Even after all his work since, that's still the association I make when it comes to him.

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Wasn't Brooke Burke there promoting some food-related project - Breaking bread or something like that? Maybe that's why she was able to get Ratatouille.


The final round really fell apart, but I have a feeling that the civilian used "keep going" for "pass" during the Danica Patrick kerfuffle. I can't remember specifically what it was, but it seemed like there was a point where she was clearly under the impression Iliza & Laverne had moved on to another name but they hadn't, and it was just very sad to watch.


I was also very ready to be tired of Iliza in the beginning, but she brought me around in the end. I'd like to see her go up against Paul Scheer, and then the winner take on Yvette Nicole Brown.

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