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Behind the Wall: The Spoiler Thread

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Having seen the Episode 1 preview already, there is lots going on -- alien invasion/occupation, giant walls, collaborative gov't forces oppressing the general population, underground human resistance, sirens announcing curfew.


Sawyer from Lost !!  Jim Brass from CSI !! Talb from House !!



Yeah, yeah, and Lori from The Walking Dead is there too -- hopefully she is better in this series.


Aliens are occupying the planet and are isolating and controlling the population with walls -- the kind of wall that Trump wants to build along the Mexican border (I kid, I kid), but it's a really big wall and very thick to boot.  More like the wall that was built in the movie 'Monsters' to keep the monsters out, or the stupid wall around the Pacific Ocean (one of the stupidest ideas in the history of movie making, sorry Guillermo del Toro, but it was so dumb) to keep the Kaiju out in Pacific Rim.


And the aliens are very totalitarian in their controls -- very few vehicles except for business/gov't so most people ride bikes, mandatory curfews with heavy punishments if violated, surveillance drones, no guns allowed (which has to be driving those who firmly believe in the 2nd amendment up the wall), labor camps, forced separation of families in order to keep people in check, security checkpoints all over the place, and random abductions/disappearances.


These aliens are launching something into space at regular intervals -- it certainly looks like a huge ship of some kind before some sort of cool-looking space drive kicks in, and per Proxy Governor Talb, once the aliens, officially known as Hosts (or unofficially as Raps) have their "needs" met they will just leave, whatever those needs are.  I find that hard to believe.


And apparently no one has seen one of the Hosts before.  And it definitely looks like the aliens/Hosts built the wall since there is some sort of alien decoration/writing on the separator in the wall.  And the security drones belong to the aliens as they appeared to park themselves on/take off from the top of the wall.


Apparently Proxy Talb has been helping himself to all the luxuries of working for the Hosts -- better food, better booze, nice suits, and acquiring paintings like the Van Gogh and the Degas seen in Talb's home office.  And he is setting himself up to take over/become a power player once the aliens leave -- but what he doesn't realize is that he will more than likely be one of the first guys strung up.  Everyone knows that he is the collaborator-in-chief -- plus his face is plastered on the walls on propaganda posters.


Right above the product placement UPS store there was a big billboard that had a circular symbol of a bird along with a picture of a red hat soldier with the word 'LEAD' in big letters.  Not sure what that means, but then those propaganda posters of Proxy Talb had words like 'Strength' and 'Progress' on them.  Kind of reminds me of the subliminal alien messages in 'They Live', only these messages are right out there.

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There isn't a speculation thread, so I'll say this here: Will is either going to be the resistance leader Geronimo or one of his/her lieutenants and working for Snyder is part of an overly elaborate plan to get close to the invaders.

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