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S01.E03: The Great Holiday Baking Show: Pastry Week

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I agree about their general level of experience and skills, but of that specific three I would really only expect them to know pastry cream. Brandy snaps are pretty much unknown in the US, and tiramisu is familiar, but (in my experience, at least, which I admit may be untypical) mostly as something to order for dessert in a restaurant. (I don't think I've even seen it for sale in a bakery.) Actually, even on the British shows, I seem to recall the bakers saying that they know what it looks like and tastes like, but they'd never made it.


Still, this does not seem like an impressively skilled bunch of bakers.


I grew up in the northeast where tiramisu was on the menu in every single italian restaurant growing up. And there are a lot of italian restaurants :).    Its not a bakery dessert, its a restaurant dessert, kind of the way tres leches is. You can make a big batch of it, keep it in the fridge for a week and it loses nothing.  You decorate the plate and charge 8 dollars and make a killing while also charging for coffee and after dinner drinks.   I am with you on brandy snaps, though. Its more the sheer volume of things that they are going "what?" at.  

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