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Smart TV Boot Up Time Delay

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Since Smart TV's are now computer-like, I understand that they need 2-3 minutes to boot up like a computer before you can start watching programs. Apparently, this can happen when the Smart TV has been turned off for 3-4 days or longer, so to turn it back on takes a few moments before it gets going again. If this is true, I'm looking for a way to configure an "instant on" type of option, even when the TV has been turned off for several days. My best guess is that it's possible to turn off the Smart TV option, and this would allow for "instant on" usage. I don't own a Smart TV just yet, but I'm looking at buying an OLED 4K tv when they become available in 2016.


Thanks for any tips on how to configure Smart TV's so that they have an "instant on" functionality, even when they have been turned off for several days.

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The one that I have (Panasonic) doesn't have any such delay, but I just shut it off using the remote rather than cutting the power. If you're turning off e.g. a power bar, you'll have to look at the manual to see if there's an instant-on function as they'll all be different.

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I hope someone can help me out on this, as I'm in the market for a Smart TV.  I want to use as a Monitor for my laptop, as well as view tv shows from cable AND Spectrum On Demand, through my laptop.  However, Spectrum is now requiring Adobe Flash on your laptop in order to view shows On Demand.  Will the Smart TV accept Adobe Flash?  If I have it on my laptop, will it stream into the Smart TV?  I ask, because I've read that some Smart TV's are not Adobe Flash compatible.  Maybe, that has been fixed. I'm not sure.  Anyone know?   I've been doing my own research online and in stores and it's rather confusing. 

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I’m having a problem with a Samsung tv repeatedly turning itself off and back on.  I’ve tried different fixes, like unplugging it, waiting, changing the Firestick, plugging it into different receptacles, updating settings, ………..I’ve followed tips from you tube.  It’s a 42 inch tv that’s about 4 years old.  I guess I’ll have to replace it,  ☹️  It’s nt the power in house, as other tv and devices don’t do this this.  

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