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Loose Threads: Discuss the Contestants

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Okay, so now that we're down to seven, who do you think will be next to go? I'm guessing that Bridget, Jaxson, Zach, and Samantha, in that order, will be leaving. My final three are Maya, Peytie, and Zachary.


However, according to Wikipedia:

Peytie: 1 safe, 1 low, 1 high, 2 wins

Maya: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win

Samantha: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win

Zachary: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win

Bridget: 3 safe, 0 low, 1 high, 1 win

Jaxson: 1 safe, 1 low, 3 high, 0 wins

Zach: 2 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 0 wins


Zachary's and Samantha's wins were early in the season. Zachary's one low could be ascribed to his partnership with Matt in the last episode and the judges seem to like his work, so I can see him staying longer than Samantha, who has an offbeat style but can be a bit one-note. Jaxson and Zach have no wins and the judges have noted Jaxson's finishing issues.

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Not sure where to post these but thought I'd share.  Here are a bunch of interviews from contestants who have been eliminated.  THere are probably more, but this is what I had time to read through. They pretty much all say the same thing - Tim Gunn is great, the crew was great, great experience, they are all still friends, the best thing about doing the show was being with like-minded people of a similar age. 


Something I didn't expect was that the ALL listed Kelly as their favorite judge.  They said she gave really helpful tips that they can take with them after the show and she never critiqued without providing a possible solution.  This made me happy.  I never know if I like Kelly or think she is a phony but if the kids like her, I'm in.


Anyway, the person they think or want to win along with their favorite judge when mentioned are listed below:


Jesse (Maya | Kelly)


Matt (Peytie | Kelly)


Jaxon (Samantha | Kelly)


Sami (? | Kelly)


Bridget (Zachary | ?)


Victoria (Samantha | Kelly)

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