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  1. Ooh, this is a fun one. Season 5: Ivy Winters, Detox, Roxxxy. I could not watch Rolaskatox a second time. Season 6: Adore Delano, BenDeLaCreme, Joslyn Fox. Because I want to see the evolution of Adore and Joslyn, and I think Ben went too soon. Season 7: Katya, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Ginger. Loooooove Katya, wanted to see more from Kasha, and liked Ginger Minj the best of the rest. Season 8: Acid Betty, Chi Chi, Naomi Smalls or Bob The Drag Queen (if Kim Chi wins, Chi Chi and Naomi and Bob are my picks)
  2. TheSoundkeeper

    S08.E07: Shady Politics

    Credit where credit's due: Derrick went for it this week, and wow, did it ever pay off. Good for him and it was nice to see him not take himself so seriously. I could not take my eyes off Chi Chi in the lipsync. Girl. One of the best "I am *bringing* it" performances since Dida Ritz, imo.
  3. TheSoundkeeper

    S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    Agreed. I try to look on the bright side that nobody I really dislike will have a chance to win, though!
  4. TheSoundkeeper

    S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    I have sewn a hem and used a glue gun and I know which one *I* think is more difficult... Yes, dear, you sewed a bunch of straight lines on a piece of crap. I think she's delusional about a lot of things, including that other people see her as a threat.
  5. TheSoundkeeper

    S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    Derrick Barry. Usually a queen has her big breakdown moment after winning. Guess you knew that wasn't gonna happen! I mean, I didn't think Robbie was going to last much longer (and girl, you should know better than to pull off the wig), but my eyes were rolling back in my head after Derrick's little performance.
  6. TheSoundkeeper

    Small Talk: Interior Illusions Lounge

    I have it on the Season Pass list and hope that it will meet my expectations. :-) Might not stay up tonight but I will definitely watch it tomorrow. My family adores Match Game and there's a good chance that Gay for Play might be the best modern approximation of the sensibilities and atmosphere of MG.
  7. TheSoundkeeper

    Queens of Season 8

    I think he's gorgeous in or out of drag!
  8. TheSoundkeeper

    Queens of Season 8

    Didn't think I was going to, but I love Naomi Smalls. Sweet, self-aware, there to learn and improve, and oh that body. Good gracious. Acid Betty in drag reminds me strongly of someone and I cannot quite put my finger on it. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, maybe? I was sorry to see her go bc her looks were always awesome. At this point I'll be sad to see anyone go except Derrick Barry because I do not dig his attitude. Also Thorgy is starting to get on my nerves - just bring it, queen, and don't worry about Bob.
  9. TheSoundkeeper

    Small Talk: Interior Illusions Lounge

    My kids and I have been watching a lot of Match Game reruns and I started wondering which queens (current or previous seasons) would do the best portrayals of the iconic female celebrities on Match Game: Brett Somers, Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Marcia Wallace, Patti Deutsch, Debralee Scott, Joyce Bulifant. Here's who I came up with: Chi Chi (S8) as Fannie Flagg Pandora Boxx (S2) as Patti Deutsch Bianca (S6) as Brett Somers Bob the Drag Queen (S8) as Betty White
  10. TheSoundkeeper

    S05.E05: Birthday Suits

    Conversation in the producers' room: Uh-oh, Sam's tanking. No immunity this season; what do we do? Extra trip to Mood? No time. Can we justify eliminating Valerie? Hmmm (takes another look at Sam's garment)... no. Okay, just keep them both. When Sam left the room to "go to the bathroom" someone said "That's not fair" or some such in response to Alexander's remark about flirting with the judges, and someone else replied that yes, it was. I thought it might be Asha and Emily; did anybody parse that better than I did? Sam's a lot better at dishing it out than he is at taking it, isn't he?
  11. TheSoundkeeper

    S01.E10: Finale Part 2

    Yaaaaaayyyyyy! I totally thought Samantha was getting the win-edit and after seeing the collections I really liked Peytie's, but Maya has such interesting ideas and great techniques that I'm very happy she won. What a great group of kids and what a pleasure this season was to watch.
  12. TheSoundkeeper

    S01.E09: Finale Part 1

    I'm rooting for Maya but given the amount of "Samantha's in deep trouble" stuff I fully expect Samantha to win.
  13. TheSoundkeeper

    S01.E07: OOTD

    Maya deserved a solo win, I thought. Liked Peytie's a lot but I was looking at the pants she was wearing thinking that their flowy fabric would have worked so much better for the outfit. The denim didn't hang very well. Did not like Samantha's and still do not get the judge love. "Smug" is a good description, especially when she spoke about getting to talk to "her people." I prefer the uninhibited excitement of Jaxson or Maya (how cute was that when she flapped her arms around like Kermit the Frog?)
  14. TheSoundkeeper

    S01.E06: Superstar Clients

    Gonna jump on the "can't believe they loved Samantha's" train. That skirt was awful. Awful. And it's not like the other pieces were so wonderfully finished, either! The shirt hem was ragged and the jacket sleeves didn't look so great. Most of the kids had issues with finishing, though, so I guess the judges had to concentrate on the what-could-have-been. (Peytie's was cute from the front but in the back, there was something funny going on in the waistline on the left.) He did. :-) (Zachary is the one from CA and Zach is the one from KY.) I find this terribly confusing and have to keep looking up which is which.
  15. TheSoundkeeper

    Loose Threads: Discuss the Contestants

    Okay, so now that we're down to seven, who do you think will be next to go? I'm guessing that Bridget, Jaxson, Zach, and Samantha, in that order, will be leaving. My final three are Maya, Peytie, and Zachary. However, according to Wikipedia: Peytie: 1 safe, 1 low, 1 high, 2 wins Maya: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win Samantha: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win Zachary: 1 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 1 win Bridget: 3 safe, 0 low, 1 high, 1 win Jaxson: 1 safe, 1 low, 3 high, 0 wins Zach: 2 safe, 1 low, 2 high, 0 wins Zachary's and Samantha's wins were early in the season. Zachary's one low could be ascribed to his partnership with Matt in the last episode and the judges seem to like his work, so I can see him staying longer than Samantha, who has an offbeat style but can be a bit one-note. Jaxson and Zach have no wins and the judges have noted Jaxson's finishing issues.