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Characters You Love To Hate...or just flat-out hate

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General Ross, now the Secretary of State, in the Marvel movies.  Seeing him in Captain America: Civil War having the nerve to lecture the Avengers about "vigilantism" without even acknowledging all the damage he did while hunting the Hulk -- a man HE helped turn into a monster/mutant -- pissed me off to no end.  As did the fact that he apparently never had to answer for any of it.  That pretty speech he made about his "perspective-changing" heart attack only made me wish it had killed him.

Maybe Thanos can take care of that in the next Avengers movie...

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Bringing this thread back from the dead to add Ms. Lewton from Final Destination. Survivor’s guilt was no excuse for her to treat Alex the way she did, acting like he creeped her out because his vision saved her life. And then she accuses him of stalking her and docs the FBI on him? She pretty much deserved what she got—horrible death though that was.

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