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Gustafson Parking Garage: Shoutouts from the Series to the Film

Sir RaiderDuck OMS
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Thought I'd start a thread listing the shoutouts in the show towards the movie.


One big one and one small one to start:


The big one, of course, is Stavros finding Carl Showalter's buried money (complete with ice scraper!) from the end of the film.


A smaller one I noticed: A meeting set up at the "Gustafson Parking Garage." I guess even after Wade's death in the film, Scotty Lundegaard (who presumably inherited everything) and Stan Grossman decided to build Jerry's parking garage. After all, it was a pretty sweet deal.


Someone on another thread mentioned a bunch of duck artwork, which was Norm Gunderson's specialty.


Any others?

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  • 2 years later...

Surprised there's been no replies. 

I'm watching the Season 1 finale now. 

1. They call police cars "prowlers".

2. DLR plate on the car Malvo "test drove". That bugged me a bit as I'm sure in the movie they meant a dealer's promotional plate. Not literally a plate that had DLR on it.

From previous episodes, and what I remember, Malvo says "Go Bears!" at the police station when he is interrogated.

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  • 2 months later...

Kirsten Dunst pounding on the TV

"I'm going crazy down at the lake"

There were also nods to No Country For Old Men in season 1 & 2.

Mike Zoss Pharmacy across from the butcher shop

Malvo calls someone "friendo"

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  • 2 years later...

Also when sarveros goes to Gustafson parking garage he thinks about when he finds the money then leaves and tells the attendant he changed his mind he decided not to park here hahahahaha

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