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S11.E18: Keegan-Michael Key 5

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Guest comedian Keegan-Michael Key.





Intros: Wayne- Red Carpet, Keegan- VIP Area, Colin- Guest of Honor and Ryan- You're not on the list.

Games: Hollywood Director, Scenes From a Hat, Whose Line?, Hats/ World's Worst Dating Videos, Greatest Hits.


It was a quick half hour that got me to belly laugh a couple of times.  Keegan was in all but the last game, so that was nice.


Greatest Hits was fun. Points to the older, white man trying to keep up with the dance!  Good show, sir! I loved how Wayne closed both numbers! Even Laura and Linda were amused. When you amuse the band, you done good, iirc the show biz saying.


Now I am going to have to figure out how to work "Don't walk like a cat" into conversations. Bless you, Mr. Mochrie.


Keegan killed in the first two segments, imo.


They can keep inviting him back, as far as I'm concerned.  


This should be great for multiple re-watches.

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Oh, damn, I laughed so hard at Wayne's animatronic bear! Dying. And his callback at the end of the Beyonce bit was even better. I was sad Wayne didn't get a song in on the broadway musicals bit. But I guess he had just done the drill sergeant bit which was hilarious.


Keegan is great. I mean, he's no Jeff Davis, but he fits in well.


Hats was funny, but I prefer when they play it with questions.


All 4 win again?!

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My recording started as they were playing Hollywood Director. I don't think I missed too much.


I thought Keegan was the best he's ever been on this ep. Loved all his drill sargent bits -- "All right! It's nap time!" "And why do you think you feel that way!"


Colin cracked me up a lot, too. I loved his Broadway song about short-term memory. I also loved him in Whose Line with how he reacted to Ryan's inconsistency. And then in Greatest Hits, I really loved how frustrated he was with Ryan. So so funny.


Boy, they got really risqué in Hats, more so than usual.


Wayne as the animatronic bear band was fantastic. I enjoyed watching Keegan cracking up as he watched Wayne.



I was wondering about the three people Wayne pulled out of the audience. They seemed pretty ready to join him, like he had talked to them before.

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