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The Wedding Ringer (2015)

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Maybe there is something inherently wrong with me, but this was a must-see, one of the funniest movies ever.. .. for me.

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I was nervous going in because so many comedies are disappointing, but I felt this one worked. The cast had good chemistry and I laughed a lot. I enjoyed the visual gag of the company's wall of wedding photos covering all types of cultures, with Kevin Hart in all of them, dressed 'in character', IIRC.


My only real complaint is the use of the "chubby guy should thank his lucky stars that a thin, hot blonde wants him" stereotype. I guess the only refreshing thing was that neither the bride nor the groom really cared that much for each other but more what they represented. She was tired of her usual choices in men and hoped that she'd be happy with him, while he was just so taken with her hotness that he didn't really consider anything else about her.


I liked the central concept of the movie (providing insta-friends for the groom) but I kind of have to question any marriage where the bride hasn't met the groom's best friend(s) before. Do they never socialize with his friends? Is this normal?

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