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Joe's Marathon Diary: Kanima Of The State

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There's even Stiles's dad, who had been a total throwaway up until this point, but who gets a few good moments in this stretch of episodes as he investigates the mysterious deaths of the Class of 2006 swim team...I'm really digging Linden Ashby as Pa Stiles, so I was glad to see him in the mix as much as he was.

Papa S is the best. All Sheriff, all the time as far as I'm concerned. He gets some better stuff starting towards the end of 3A. In fact, kill all the teens, and make this the Beacon County Sheriff's Department show. (Including shirtless deputies, which for you are still in the future).



loving power of loving Lydia's love

Utterly utterly moronic. Both characters were at their best as sharp narcissists. This twu luv nonsense was ridiculous. Plus they now lose Jackson to Arrow. Fortunately, Lydia gets a better plot coming up. Although the dead werewolf renfroing amused me. Plus I detected a frisson between Peter and Prada.



we could be spending more time with the Isaacs and Ericas and gay, gay Dannys of the world is something I hope gets adjusted in Season 3.

About that... There's some good Danny in 3A but the first few eps are a little hard to get through. It gets better though.

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Sheriff Stilinski = LOVE

Hoping that Coach Finstock would get killed off? How dare you! He's the best kind of crazy! (An important distinction on a show where the worst kind of crazy is Gerard, Kate, Matt, etc.)

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