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30 Rock Guest Stars: Welcome to New York, dummies!

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In this interview, Dean Winters dishes that he almost passed on the role of Dennis Duffy, because he was sure he wasn't right for the part. Good thing his agent made him show up for the audition!


Next to Oz, that’s the best job I’ve ever had. When you’re working with Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan, it’s like, no one’s better than that. And it was the first time that anybody ever let me be funny. Tina took a real chance in giving me that job. She didn’t have to give me that job, because I had done nothing in my career to prove that I was funny. But she gave me that shot, and it opened up a whole new bunch of doors for me.


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So so many! 

Condelezza Rice, Elvis Costello, Deniro, Patti Lupone, Jen Aniston, Al Gore, all Liz’s boyfriends, Carrie Fisher, Conan, Seinfeld, the Today Show crowd, Paul McCartney, Kellan Lutz, Ghostface Killah, Paul Giamatti, Fallon, Ryan Lochte, Mary Steenburgen, etc etc etc.



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