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Jack and Emily


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Since this is the most discussed topic at the moment regarding the show I thought it was time to give it it's own topic, especially because we will have to wait until march for the next episode, which according to the promo (attention:spoiler!) will focus exactly on this storyline.


So what is your opinion?


Do you want Jack and Emily to end up together? Do you think they will in the end? Or do you prefer Bemily over Jemily? Do you think Emily has still feelings for Jack (from what is shown in the promo  - again attention: spoiler! - we know Jack certainly has)?


Well, here are my two cents:


I really don't know if I want them to end up together at the moment to be honest, but I have to admit that there is a storyline here that has to be closed one way or the other. Their relationship is a recurring theme on this show, from season 1 when they kissed and Emily wanted to leave revenge all behind just for him (until Fauxmanda showed up) to the end of season 2 when she told him the truth, the beginning of season 3 when he kissed her to proove her he had no feelings for her anymore, just to hurt her, etc. So I guess I want something to happen there, I'm just mot sure what exactly. :)


I cerntainly do not prefer Bemily. Why? Because I think their relationship doesn't matter, not for Emily as a character nor for any future storyline (except Ben exposing Emily, or being bad all along). If this wasn't a TV show I would want her to choose Ben though, and leave all of her old life behind, a fresh new start, because that would be the wise thing to do. But this is Revenge, so no. :)


I think Emily has still feelings for Jack, because this is something that doesn't just go away like that, as she was clearly in love with him in season 1, and still at that kiss in ep 1 in season 3 (otherwise it wouldn't have hurt her that much and she wouldn't have run away like a heartbroken little girl in that scene). But I think she doesn't want be with Jack at the moment, so I guess we will see a heartbroken Jack again next episode.


Will they end up together? Well I really don't know. I guess it depends on wether Emily will accept being Amanda Clarke at some point again, otherwise no. And in my opinion this season is very much just about that. At the moment she wants to leave Amanda Clarke behind, as she has been Emily Thorne for 11 years. But she has been Amanda Clarke for almost 20 years, not only as a child! So ignoring that will not work in my opnion. So we'll see.

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I think the writers aren't sure yet how they want this to end.  I know Ben isn't going to be end game for Emily.  He's just the current plot contrivance to set up conflict (between Jack and Ben, between Jack and Emily, I'm not sure).  I could actually see it ending without her having a real love interest.  I don't see it ending with her dying, though.  I know that wasn't the question, but some people have commented that she has caused so much damage she should die at the end.  I am not one of those people.  I don't know that she will end up with anyone, but if so, it will probably be Jack. 

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I have never liked the idea of Jack and Emily and was so relieved when it seemed they were finally moving past that.  I never saw them as in love or her about to give up anything out of love.  I think Emanda held Jack as a symbol of what she lost and for a while confused that for love.  And I get it from her perspective.  Her time with him, though during childhood, was bound up in her last happy moments with her father and before her life went to shit.  But, while understandable, that still isn't love or a good foundation for love.


However, my principal objection was Jack himself.  It does not make sense for him to have been hung up on a child he knew when he was 10.  It is one thing for Amanda to have that summer frozen in time for her.  But there has never been any explanation as to why Jack never got over it and was so fixated that he named her damn boat after that child.  It's creepy and gives the impression that he has spent the last 20 trying to recapture a summer of his childhood.  And since Emanda returned and then Fauxmanda came into his life, he's seemed to be projecting that 20 year old puppy love on grown women.


I would have far less issue with it if he'd seemed to fall for Emily as she is now and was only disposed to help the girl he knew as a child without the inasta-love for who he believed was Amanda and the boat thing.

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@SierraMist: actually I also could see it ending without her having a real love interest, as she has always been a strong independent character, so why should she need her "happily ever after" to find peace? And I'm totally with you, I don't see why she should die in the end. I guess I would have been ok with it up until the end of season 3. But as David Clarke returned her death would only make sense if he and Victoria would die too (which would be a really dark ending by the way), otherwise the main theme of the show was pointless from the beginning.


@RachelKM: well to Jack's defense, he fell in love with her all over again not knowing who she really was, thus he fell in love with Emily Thorne (not Amanda Clarke), he even still calls her Emily (altough he knows her true identity now). But I see your point here, because what you are saying was the reason he got married to Fauxmanda, so I guess you're right, he got some issues there. :)

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I really think, for me, it would have read so much less bizarre without the damn boat.  I was a little annoyed in Season 1 that they kept pushing the "meant to be" angle justifying it with Jack sensing something about her and Emanda seeing him as a symbol of happier times. But it would have come off far less weird if they hadn't had Jack seemingly pining for a 9 year-old he knew 18 years ago.


Without the boat it might have read more as two people who always got each other and still did as adults.  But even ignoring the boat (which I apparently cannot do), too many references were made to a romantic angle to their childhood for me to be completely comfortable with it (the pretend wedding with the pipe-cleaner rings).  Then Jack falling for Fauxmanda apparently over her name was weird and doubled down on the potential creepiness.  


So yes... issues. :)

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I also don't like the direction this is going right now, especially with that "he waited 20 years" in the promo for next episode, they should let this childhood love theme go in my opinion too, because it only made the story more interesting as long as Jack didn't know she was Amanda Clarke back then.


On the other hand Jack is the only man left with a real romantic connection to Emily, and a troubled past with her that matters to the storyline, as Aiden and Daniel are both dead. And Ben, well I think he doesn't matter at all, I still wonder why they created this character in the first place, because besides being just there and having a crush on Emily he serves no purpose, besides creating tension between Emily and Jack obviously.


So if the writers decide to put the relationship between Emily and Jack to an end once and for all, I guess Jack won't make it alive until the end of the season, because then his character serves no purpose anymore too, as Emily's best buddy is Nolan and lets face it, Jack and Emily are never going to be just firends (Jack would be in the friend zone then).

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The way this show keeps circling around the Jack & Emily/Amanda business makes me think they will end up together. Typical soap opera storyline--there is always one strong couple throughout the entire history of the show that break up, get back together, hate each other, love each other, etc. The power couple I think it's called and I would guess it's these two.


Good LAWD Ben is a friggin bore so I hope he just disappears soon. I honestly liked Emily & Aiden together and I was super bummed when he died. I would have shipped those 2 before anyone else.

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@Dirtybubble: I'd say Revenge is not the typical soap opera at all, though it's quit soapy sometimes, so I wouldn't bet on them ending up together if you have a soapy happy ending in mind. But you're right, the show keeps circling around their realtionship, which means their story will be a main storyline until the ned of the show. And to be honest I don't mind, at least you feel the tension between the two characters all the time, wheter they have chemistry or not is another question. And I so much agree regarding Ben, I can't think of any more useless and boring character on the show right now, and the romance with Emily is just pointless and boring as hell, unfortunatly he seems to be sticking around, I even heard we may be introduced to his brother and ex-wife, what a waste of time.

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Well, there a two things I'm certain of after seeing Episode 15.


First of all the Emily and Ben thing is really just a fling for them both, even for Ben, I mean they sleep together and on the next morning run it's like "Hey, what are you doing here, nice to meet you, what are you up to, well never mind it's none of my business".


And secondly, and more importantly, Jack and Emily are never ever going to be just friends, it's the all time classic, I have experienced it myself.


You can go and pretend, or do wishful thinking on being friends, but it's never going to work out, because deep down both of them know there is always more to their relationship, it's always there, always in your way, from both sides. And it doesn't matter if one of them, in this case Emily, wants wo move on, or doesn't have that all great romatical feelings anymore (which we don't know in this case), if you go down the love confession, rejection (from both sides) road once, you don't come back. There are two possibilities, you can walk away from each other and never look back, or you put your past behind and start a relationship together (which is of course the much more difficult one).


If there was ever a chance on real friendship for them instead of romance it finally passed with Jack's confession in this episode, he said it himself, he's not gonna wait, he will walk away (of course he's not, since the story would be over and this is a TV-show, but you see the point).

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Just reread the postings in this topic...funny how it all played out, it seems you were right in the end Dirtybubble, the ending for Jack & Emily was as soap classic. :) But apart from the soapiness of that, which I'm not really a fan of, it just felt right to end the show this way, as it really kept circling around their relationship for 4 seasons, it felt like closure. Altough I think The Jack & Emily storyline would have had more potential if they wrote S4 as the last season from the beginning, it seemed to me they waited until the last second to bring them together (which of course seemed too rushed then), because they didn't know if there was a S5, so they dargged it out too long. Having Ben around in that context was completely unnecessary, at all, at least he died in the end, lol. :)

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