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S06.E26: Gold Stars

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From Wikipedia:


Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig's child, Sweet P, runs into trouble on his first day at school.


ETA: Well, that was weird. So .  . .the Lich still lives inside Sweet P? Okay, then. Disturbing episode once you factor in the giant baby-man dancing.

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The Lich freaks me out. Although, it bugged me a bit that everyone was worried enough about baby-lich to have Finn and Jake and BananaGuards escort him to school to make sure he didn't go evil...but didn't hang around long enough to see what would happen with potential bullies? Like, wasn't the whole point of going with him to see how he socialized? Not that I'd expect them to stay at the school all day every day, but it was weird they just dropped him off and immediately, the type of triggering thing they were worried about nearly happened. Of course it took much more for him to actually trigger later, but still...it was oddly presented to me.

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