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S01.E07: The Girl Next Door

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Jessica Chastain! This show is full of Oscar nominees and winners!

This is a good lesson for Veronica that perhaps you shouldn't always stick your nose in other people's business...

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I agree it's not the strongest episode, I have seen it several times and I still didn't remember exactly what happened which makes it apparent that I didn't love it. But yes, still much better than a lot of the current shows we have.

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Yeah, this one was fine. The flashforward initially (not having remembered the plot of this one) seemed like a boring trope, and I'm not sure the switcheroo entirely made it worth it. The surprise when that happened was decent, though.

The whole Weevil/Logan storyline is nice in showing that they're kind of pretty similar people in different circumstances, but it wasn't my favorite either. I think the Weevil/Lilly stuff is getting a little heavyhanded now; could have done without the flashback where Weevil gets teased about it and just had the tattoo.

Also, the whole Lilly "what are you going to do without me?" bit was a little silly, but it does kind of nicely highlight again how she was what made that group interesting.

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I love any time Weevil and Logan are together, something about their dynamic makes me really happy, even when they're hating each other and fighting I still love watching them. This goes for Veronica and Logan as well. I guess I just think Logan and Weevil are some of the most interesting characters on this show.

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Umm, ok, so now I wonder about Veronica's father, and maybe who he isn't and who he is and that's why Duncan broke up with her.  Obviously there was something about Veronica's mother and Jake Kane.  If not, very good red herring.


Great twist on the whole taking the car apart and putting it back together in a weird place bit.

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