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Everett Backstrom: Yet Another Offbeat Cop?

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Because what American television really needed was another douchey white male mystery solver, constantly outperforming a supporting cast who at least are not total assholes.

Dr. Gregory House...with a gun & badge.

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Everett Backstrom is a relatively good murder police. He has an excellent team that is mostly loyal to him, mostly due to pragmatism ( keeping a paycheck and being able to actually help folks/catch Bad Folks.)  He has lethal diagnoses about his health problems. His ex is not only in town, but her job is to oversee his job. he seems to be his family's black sheep ( good or bad, we can't tell yet.) He gets a fortune cookie fortune about not living until Christmas/ next Christmas.


How does Backstrom find a way to go on? If he doesn't, shouldn't this by all rights be considered a limited series?


While I'm pretty over the douche anti-heroic lead, there is something about Backstrom I can like. While I think it's how he cares about Valentine, I think there is more we haven't been privy to as the audience. Still, I wouldn't want Backstrom to have a near-death experience, realize he needs to change and is different. Unless the writers and Mr. Wilson can get us to a kinder Everett Backstrom without losing the bear-trap tenaciousness and dedication to a case, like "Bogeyman". 


I just want Backstrom to quit being an ass. There's a difference between doing it to shake up suspects and just being like that.  Part of me wants Backstrom to be worthier of Moto's respect, but then that dissolves into ethics and morality.


If it wasn't for Rainn Wilson, I don't think I'd have stuck around or enjoyed this show as much as I have.

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