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Watch Last Week Tonight's Web-Exclusive Advice On Skipping New Year's Eve

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Really, kealroi, really?!? Anyways, I see Ollie-Scone's point about New Years, and now that almost every part of the country is unsafe from the harsh, cold weather, it seems understandable he's trying to help. I, for one, take the opposite route because I am the kind who doesn't want to spend New Years alone, because I usually spend the last 364 days sitting alone in front of the computer at least one time. Sure some people prefer not to spend New Years, but I don't mind spending the holiday if it's just a few close friends. Good thing I live far away from NY not to be tempted by the ball drop (and Seacrest). For others, you may agree or disagree with me, and if there are any follow-ups, I will rightfully disagree about how you spend New Years (because I have yet to understand the hardships of labor/work or something), BUT I will still VALUE you as a person because... well... cuz I WANT to and also Freedom of Speech (also cuz I found a Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear poster with a phrase that seems to work reasonably with my point) :P


My only follow-up with that segment is his input about escaping a Girls' Night Out. When he said he's more of a Samantha, did he mean the character from Sex in the City or his former TDS co-worker, Samantha Bee? If that is the latter, that could only mean he wants to be Jason's wife (hypothetically). Shipping for life!!!!! (please don't judge me) :P 


Happy New Years to everyone!!! <3

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Aw, man... if I had seen this clip before Wednesday night, I would have added Die Hard to my movie viewing list!  Well, the first one, anyway.  ;)


I hate going out in the freezing cold on New Year's Eve and suffering drunken idiots who want to moon you or grab your ass, so this whole segment of John's was spot on for me. Instead, I made homemade apple crisp and watched movies and had a wonderfully relaxing evening. It was great. Nice way to say goodbye to 2014.

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