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S24.E16: The Dog Trainer, The Heiress And The Bodyguard

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I'm not certain if the episode number is correct.  I'm guessing.  I seem to remember the last couple of episodes were repeats.


Dateline has also done this case.  I do think that Mark Stover had some serious issues, and I could buy that he stalked people.  However, I also don't believe that Michael Oakes acted in self-defense, and I don't believe Linda Opdike either.  I think that Linda was involved in the conspiracy of the murder, and there is something just "off" about Michael Oakes.


I also think there is something "off" with his children.  Something is up with their biological mom.  The show only says that he got custody of the kids, which I interpret as the biological mom being alive but not in the picture for some reason.  She must be seriously incapaciitated or incapable in some way because there's no mention of her re-entering the picture to gain custody once Michael went to prison.  Two of the kids are living with Linda?  The whole thing is odd, and I think many of the people involved are odd.  Whatever Mark's faults, I do believe Michael killed him, and I think that "earnest" vibe that Michael was trying to convey was an act.

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The Oakes children are delusional.  Their father is a cold-blooded, conniving little murderer.   Hopefully Linda Opdycke will soon be in jail herself.  I think her whole tale of being stalked by Mark Stover was a calculated campaign of deceit, much like the drugs the two of them planted on Mark's vehicle.  Such awful, entitled people. 

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This is the link to the actual show number. Still, thank you for posting it. ;-)


After watching the 2 hour show, I was hoping there was a topic already started.


48hours tells us the reason why Michiel (This is how it was stamped on the show) had custody is that their mother walked away from the home and left them. This does happen, I have a relative that just did not want to be a Mother.  When you are abandoned by your Mother, you will trust and do anything your Father says. Though, I did notice one child came out of the fog and went to live with his Grandmother.


I too think that Mark was a bit off as well for a bit. The thing about the wedding pictures was a bit odd. I also believe that Linda has something to do with her Ex's death.  And Michiel's payment for killing Mark was to raise his children. IMO.


When they first showed us the video tape of Mark stalking her from the driveway, I swore that was Michiels body. lol Because from the start Linda gave off this vibe that whatever she wanted, she got! It did not matter to her HOW she was going scheme her way to get that item.


Have you ever watched the show "Lie To Me"? I caught a few things as Michiel was being interviewed before his trail date. While his mouth was saying "No" his head was nodding "Yes" and one of the creepy things that caught my eye was when he was telling the interviewer (sorry, I cannot remember his name) how IT happened, (Something like "I was not prepared when he came at me." switching the pronouns for the interviewer only) and he smiles real quick and then tries to control his lip. He was remembering that confrontation and loving it!)  and he could not control his lips from smiling. He even had that same smile in court when Linda got up on the stand.


I wish I could find an updated link on what has happened in this case...I would love to see something against Linda.

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All the alleged stalking claims about Mark came from Linda, with no evidence shown to support her claims except that Mark had admitted to friends that he had gone through Linda's garbage bins looking for evidence that SHE was stalking him and messing with him by putting drugs in his car, etc. And yes I too thought on the video that the figure of 'Mark' was actually Oakes because they looked a bit alike. The figure certainly moved like a younger man. Mark had moved on with a really nice new girlfriend and I think Linda thought he should be suffering and missing her, not thriving. She convinced pathetic-liar Oates to kill him. Some things I never heard if the police followed up on: did they check Oates' bank account for a sudden large amount of money, as he told his ex that he had done the 'job' for a rich man'? Did they ask his daughter if it was true he trained her to shoot and defend herself from the so-called 'domestic terrorist' Mark Stover? Sidenote: Did Linda hang around for long with Oates's family after he went to jail? I bet she bailed after a pretense of caring, or else bought them off. I see her father got some payback though, contracting Alzheimer's and dying in 2018. 

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