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S07: Miss Fame

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I love this bit of the interview because you can always tell when someone has never heard of San Luis Obispo... the pronunciation is a wee bit off. Fame isn't wrong... there isn't a gay nightlife here although I think it's getting better. SLO is a college town as well as a quiet agricultural area and a booming wine country... but it's also got the Madonna Inn which is in just about every gay tour book ever. (Seriously, the Madonna Inn needs to be seen to be believed. It's main color is pink. It is drenched in kistch. All of the rooms have themes and the gaudiness is over the top... so much so that it's amazing. The famous men's urinal is a waterfall.)


Fame having to catch the bus... clearly she was out in the boonies even by SLO standards. And describing the shortcut which was through thistle and thorns and a bull or the long route which involved rattlesnakes and tarantulas... she's not exaggerating! I always say that the Central Coast is the part of California no one knows exists but growing up gay here is probably not easy. It's a strange place... it's heavily influence by agriculture so there are lots of farms (strawberries, broccoli, artichokes, cattle, chickens, pigs, etc) but you've got the college town (known for agriculture and architecture); it's on the coast so the ocean isn't far away, the wine industry grows stronger every year and it is a place where people move from the bigger cities so they try to bring some culture (symphony and such) to these small towns or people want to stay here after they graduate and raise a family. Downtown nightlife is a pub crawl more than anything else and the biggest thing is the Mid-State Fair -- sure we do other festivals (Mozart Festival, I Molinari, various wine festivals) but the Mid-State Fair is major. The families who are rooted here go deep... to the point where the oldest families (a lot of Swiss interestingly enough) seem to all be intermarried. There's a lot of English ex-pats here, too. They all say the area reminds them of England... except the weather's better.


Fame saying that her escape was to go out and talk to her chickens. Hey, I'm glad she had that. This was sweet... I was already rooting for Miss Fame as a hometown girl but this really was a delightful thing to see.

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Fame Untucked-"It's not like I don't get it, I'm pretty and people hate me".  Too funny.  Fame is pretty, her makeup is some of the most beautiful and transformative I've seen on this show.  Her fashion sense is killer too, she could design for women if she wanted to although I don't think she sews?  She could learn.  I would totally buy her things.  I'll miss her.

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I ended up really liking her as the season went on, although I think she wasn't ready to compete on this show. I hope she can get experience in the areas she's lacking in and really improve as a performer. I wish her good things as a result of being on this show.

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I actually think Fame should just kibosh the performance angle and promote herself as a celebrity makeup artist/makeup line maven who uses herself as her own muse. She just doesn't have a (deliberate) entertainer in her.

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