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S01.E01: Flowers For Your Grave


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The pilot, March 9, 2009.  "A woman's body is found covered in petals."  From IMDB: "Murder mystery author Richard 'Rick' Castle publishes the book in which he kills off his bestseller series' hero, Derek Storm. On that very day, NYPD detective Kate Beckett questions him about two murders in the exact style of his novels, on a lawyer Fisk viz. social worker Alyson Tisdale. He's professionally flattered to have a copycat. Her boss, captain Roy Montgomery, accepts his help as case consultant and teams them up, the mayor being a fan puts him de facto in charge. More copy killing follows. The police simplistically arrest his fan Kyle Cabot, the first common link. Castle and his author friends decide he must keep investigating, on the assumption it's a motive cover-up, which he does brilliantly, as even Beckett must grudgingly admit."


Why did you watch the pilot and what did you think?


I watched because I'm a Firefly fan and occasional writer.  Castle was charming and competent, too much "bad boy" but I figured they would dial that down.  Beckett was good, no nonsense and not flirty.  (I'm not a shipper.)  I hoped to see the poker playing authors more.

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I did know anything about the cast which probably helped, came completely fresh to it. I don't even recall how I got to watch it, whether it was by sheer accident or I read something and thought I would give it a go. It was such a great pilot. I thought the introduction with the way it was filmed with the blood slowly running down and the body covered in petals and when Beckett makes her first appearance was such a good way to catch your attention, this immediately felt so different to any other standard cop procedural and I was immediately intrigued by Beckett and she hadn't even said anything much at that point. 


Nathan was wonderful I was hooked by the character straight away. He was smart, witty, serious, funny, annoying and sexy. Nathan had so much energy, charisma and totally looked the part and I loved the sparky chemistry which was obvious between them even then. True Rick was slightly jerkish in the beginning and I thought uh oh but that was soon dialled down. As for Kate Beckett she looked like a cop, I liked that she didn't look similar to any of the supermodels or socialites that Castle no doubt was dating about that time or who flocked around him, with her short choppy dark hair, less than wonderful wardrobe and disappointing social life.


She was brave yet vulnerable, spiky yet compassionate, controlled and serious but you sensed she could have fun if the right person came along and unlocked that side of her. I thought she had the makings then of a unique character and Katic played it well. It was good to watch her gain confidence and develop in the role, she was clearly back then not as experienced as Fillion and there were times when it showed. I loved the world they gave you a glimpse of with Castle's high powered and famous friends he could call upon or just hang out with if he wanted, I too was hoping to see a little more of that.


The secondary characters were great too, it's rare I like an entire cast immediately although I wasn't that keen on Gina and I was relieved when she disappeared, it was my understanding it was planned she was going to be sticking around but I'm glad that idea was shelved. I can't stand love triangles or anything like that. Castle's family in particular especially his relationship with his daughter was well done and believable. She was mature for age but he was definitely still very much the parent. I'll never forget watching him pushing Alexis down the hallway, that was an abiding image I have of that pilot.  Such a tender fun moment that encapsulated their relationship.


Molly and Nathan worked so well together and Susan was great too, the presence of his family gave Castle as a character much needed depth and vulnerability which if he hadn't had that it would have made him less easy to like. I mean there were times when I thought he was a bit of an arse to be truthful but they gave him the added dimension of loving father and caring son which counterbalanced that. 


And dipping into the shallow end, Nathan Filion was so fucking hot back then!  That certainly added to the enjoyment, watching two very pretty people spark off each other. My favourite moment aside from Castle with Alexis is the when he "reads" her as they look at the letters. That's a classic Castle scene, definitely in my top ten ever which told me (coupled with family scenes) that there was more to this guy than superficial playboy, telling jokes and writing about murder for kicks.  Stana played her reactions so well there showing you a brief glimpse of Kate's pain that was sitting below the surface. 


And the walk away scene "you have no idea" whispering in his ear and her strutting off knowing he's watching and his look....you knew that guy was coming back for more and that song! I miss the music they used to use back in the early days to set the scene. Whenever that song plays by One Republic I instantly think of Castle. 

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Firefly fan.  I paid attention to anything NF did though more often then not, it wasn't my cup of tea (Drive, Slither) but the moment I heard the premise to Castle I knew I was going to love it.  Yes, the premise is absurd but that wasn't going to stop me since it immediately reminded me of an old favorite, Remington Steele.  The no nonsense female professional who teams up with the unpredictable, charming, larger than life, rouge with a heart of gold and a talent for plotting.  On Steele, It was solving mysteries by comparing them to plots of old movies.  On Castle he had his own stories and his fertile imagination.  


I never thought the show was perfect but even when we hit the great romantic stall, I still found lots to love. 

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This is not an "official post", per se, hence no yellow. But...if this episode thread is to stand, please discuss details of the episode rather than just why you were drawn to the show; that is pretty general and would belong in the past seasons thread. I don't want to split hairs, but with the thread number growing, I want to be sure that all remain viable and/or necessary.



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Now that we have a "Past Seasons" section, maybe someone could create a S01 subsection and move this thread there?



There's no S1 folder and I don't have the abilities, that's admin. And I don't see a folder being created for one episode.


So, if folks want to create S1 episode threads - and discuss the episodes - there may be a better chance. Until then, it seems fine here.

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