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RW: New Orleans (2010)

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Does anybody remember anything from this season? I don't have any warm fuzzies beyond recalling the Ryan/Preston feud. Normally, I wouldn't start a topic on a season I didn't care about, but Ryan Knight died yesterday, so I figured something should be set up.


Seriously, all I really remember was that Ryan Leslie was a punk-ass. The rest is a blur to me.

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OMG I just read about Ryan dying. I believe he was on the last taped challenge also so I wonder if MTV will minimize his role now. I actually really liked New Orleans 2.0 and I can't remember why now that I think about it. Was it as good as the original New Orleans season? Of course not but maybe coming after that horrid D.C. season (which I consider the worst Real World season bar none) helped.

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I really loved this season and cast (except Ryan Leslie). They just seemed like so much fun, and when Ryan Leslie wasn't around they all seemed like they were just having a great time together. Plus, I loved Jemmye and Knight's relationship, despite it being so dysfunctional. And I loved McKenzie.


Very sad about Knight's passing. He could definitely be an asshole but deep down I think it was clear he really cared about everyone. Rest in peace.

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This was one of the biggest train-wrecks of a season I can remember between the Preston/Ryan feud (which got foul at times), McKenzie's drinking, and the Jemmye/Knight relationship (plus Jemmye's own meltdowns). I enjoyed it a lot though. Also, Ashlee may have been the most boring, useless Real Worlder ever. Eric and Sahar didn't exactly do much either.


RIP Knight.

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