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This Thanksgiving, the crew comes together to count their blessings, pound shots and catch up on their fighting. Since they consider themselves family, the entire cast decides Thanksgiving should be spent with each other. And what a better way to do this than spending a few wild nights together under one roof, funneling beer, deep frying turkeys and reflecting on the things they're thankful for--like marlins, sharks, and the beerzooka.

Airs November 19th.

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Who knew they can be every bit the fools they ever were in the San Fernando Valley?


They kept saying Martha was coming out from a visit to the local bar, but she never really did.  Boooooo!  


Props to Murray for schlepping a live Turkey through two airports and to the house.  


Lauren made lasagna!  It was not done in 47 minutes.  At least it was supposedly good.  


A new low was Tiffany feeding a near-comatose Daddy as if he were an infant.  So bad.  On several levels.  Ewwwwww.


Not sure how much longer this show will work with this cast.  I know there is at least one more strip coming after the new edition cast eps air.  I'll check it out, but I have very low expectations.

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I think this cast has run its course (and the producers know it) so I'm not sure if I'll be tuning in for their new season next year.   I'll miss Walt and his talking head bits but I don't think one person is enough to get me to tune in.   But I do plan on giving the newbies a chance, starting tonight.

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I still like the original cast, though I haven't watched this holiday special yet. I think the show will be better without Lil Bit, so I'm interested in seeing if I'm right. I'll also give the new cast a fair shake tonight.

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