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S03.E04: Equilibrium

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I like this episode. It amuses me if you go back to the "Dax" episode.

(Paraphrasing.) "Curzon didn't kill anyone. I knew the man."

Then we find out he made a blood oath to kill.

Now we find out Dax was joined with a killer. Whoops.

True, Odo had made that "But did you know the symbiont within the man" comment. That comment didn't make much sense though. Sisko knew Curzon Dax.

I do kind of wish this episode was used to meet Jadzia's family.

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"YAY! Another Dax episode!"  Said no-one ever.

I'd prefer a Dax episode to another "wacky" Quark episode. More and more on this re-watch I see what frustrated me so much about this show. Quark and Odo were the Dr. Smith and Robot of DS9. The writers just fell back on them way too often. 

I remember this episode when we found out the Trill home world had been lying to its people about who could be joined. Interestingly, I remember back in one of the very first episodes, a "Trill" was designated as someone who was joined; they changed it later to include the entire population of that planet as "Trill" whether they were joined or not. 

ultimately, they never really fleshed out the Trill backstory very well; who came first, how they came to be joined and why, etc. I think the idea interested them but they never really grasped the mechanics of it.

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I agree, they never seemed to know what they wanted to do with the Trills. They significantly change them from the way they appear in TNG. With Jadzia still being herself but with the memories of all the Dax's. Without her just being "Dax" in another body. Which for a shows purpose was better as it developed her as a character and impacted her relationship with Sisko. My guess is it was a story they wanted to do but never really got a chance too.

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