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S05.E11: Specials: S5 Master Classes & Class of 2013

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Loved the class of 2013 special! It was so great to see all the S4 contestants again and see what they're up to. I had actually forgotten most of their names but I recognized their faces. Nice to see that so many of them now have book deals, tv shows, or some other kind of baking related career! Frances' book looks the most interesting with all of her little doodles. Loved hearing Beca speak in Welsh! And hilarious that Glenn is embracing his "bigger is better" cake philosophy. Sweet to see his dad so supportive of him quitting his teaching job to pursue his stage show. To be honest, there didn't seem to be a lot of people in the audience at that small theater (which was smaller than my high school auditorium) so I hope he is making enough money to get by.


My favorite master class lesson so far has been Mary making the baked alaska. I will never say no to ice cream cake. I did start getting annoyed with Paul during that segment though. He seems to enjoy playing the naughty schoolboy part, which is not very attractive on an adult. I loved that Mary's line was crossed when he put his mouth on the mixing bowl and she insisted on washing it before using it for the last layer of ice cream. "Health and hygiene!"


I am looking forward to the last two master classes this week. Can't wait to see what they will be making for us!

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I watched all the Masterclass episodes as I always do. Mary and Paul are delightful when they bake together. I've seen all the episodes and specials. They were even more jokey and fun this time. It's like a buddy-cop film except it's a buddy-baking show.


I wouldn't make half the stuff they did, but there were definitely a couple such as the kouign amann that I would try out at least. 


A reminder that all the Masterclass recipes and selected recipes from the series are up on BBC Food


Another lovely series over. I hope there's another Christmas special.

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