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S02.E02: Drawn and Quartered


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Reign airs on Wednesdays in Canada, meaning that the episodes are very often viewed a day before they have aired in the US. Therefore please be aware that this thread will definitely have spoilers for those who wish to wait until Thursday night to view the new episode.




MARY SUFFERS THE CONSEQUENCES OF HER ACTIONS — In the aftermath of the plague, a powerful lord discovers that Mary was responsible for the death of his son and demands vengeance, testing the loyalties of Mary, Francis and Catherine. Francis returns to the castle with Lola and their newborn son, creating tension with Mary. Greer is torn by her loyalty to her fiancé, Lord Castleroy, who blames Leith for his daughter’s demise. Meanwhile, Kenna urges Bash to be formally recognized in his new role.


ETA: Not much to say about this episode right now, but I will say this: if Adelaide Kaine thinks she can convey every emotion by bugging out her eyes, this show is in trouble.


Also getting really freaking tired of everyone leaving Greer's sister's out of the equation when they talk about her marriage. Are we supposed to see her so cruelly, that she would toss a perfectly good man for one that had more, just for the sake of having more?

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So I liked Mary this ep and I haven't in awhile because of 1) some of AK's acting choices and 2) her inability to take responsibility for any of her actions. But this ep she admitted to making of mistake which I don't think she's ever done, not even after trying to change the line of succession. Speaking of, I love how Mary and everyone else seems to have forgotten Mary was in love with Bash when Francis was with Lola. 


I'm here for Narcisse. He is who he purports to be. Conde's full of it.


I don't really get Bash's purpose on this show.


Glad Leith is coming back to court to be besties with Francis.


I know everyone loves Castleroy but he was a d*ck this ep. What has Leith done to him? His fiance can't stay away from him and his daughter was the one who pursued Leith. Ever since Greer dumped him, Leith has been minding his own business.


Still like Francis. He's the only character who doesn't constantly confuse me with his actions.

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I'm here for Narcisse. He is who he purports to be. Conde's full of it.


I think his grand entrance included some foreshadowing that he wasn't actually evil, just savvy. Yeah, he showed up with a girl in a cage, but he did in fact save that girl, an action that did not benefit Narcisse at all. Meanwhile Conde's in the woods hiding out and making plans for himself.


I'm frustrated for Greer. I've come to like her the most of Mary's ladies, and this episode demonstrates why, I think. She's straightforward and honest. I love that she admitted that she went to see Leith, it was very mature of her, even if that wasn't appreciated. And I love that she doesn't pretend to be anything or anyone she isn't. I almost feel like she's being too hard on herself about Leith and Yvette -- after that speech Leith gave her, the idea of him just randomly going for a girl who just happens to be Castleroy's daughter seems absurd. Greer may have suggested that this was what Leith was up to partially out of jealousy, but she wasn't at all wrong in telling Castleroy about her suspicions. It's a shame that honest people get screwed over so much on this show.

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I don't know about Greer anymore. She needs to stay out of Leiths face, period. And her telling castleroy about leith and Yvette didn't sound like it came from a place of concern for Yvette. It was in her tone. She sounded like a bitter ex. I was firmly team Greer last season. She was my favorite female character after Catherine. But I can tell she's going to bug this season.

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I remember Mary telling her mother and Bash she loved Bash during the wedding episode, so she had fallen in love with Bash during Francis's absence.

I don't think Francis banged lola to get revenge. I think it was because that was likely the first person he could be himself with since marry stripped him of everything. She knew what he had been put through and understood his pain. I totally understand the frola hookup even though I wasn't a fan of it. Like Francis said last ep, they shared more than a bed in Paris.

But I def agree with your overall point that they fail to even bring up her actions in order to make her this wounded bird, which cheapens this plot for me.

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