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S04.E20: Reunion Part 1

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The annual Reunion Special! This time in 3 parts! Is that longer than any past reunion? I can't remember one going longer than 2 but I don't watch every iteration of this series so I could easily be wrong.

This was off to a slow start in my opinion. I'm glad that Lisa apologized to Yolanda about not visiting or calling when she was "locked in the house for 18 months" and only had use of 5% of her brain (REALLY?!) because I am sick to death of hearing about it. Brandi's argument about Lisa being different on and off camera made some sense but so did Lisa's retort that the reason she was more mothering on camera was because she was trying to keep Brandi from looking like a drunk on screen... I get both sides is what I'm saying. Glad to have Lisa apologize for the "put your house on the market and you'll become very close" remark about Kyle too because I'm just sick of hearing about it also. Everyone knows Lisa is prone to making snide remarks and needs to start taking them less seriously. On the other hand Lisa needs to admit she can dish them out but can't take them. Being self deprecating and accepting pithy remarks from others is not the same thing Lisa. 

I just want to get to the Carlton/Kyle stuff though because I want to see Andy's reaction to the fact that a lot of the tension between them comes from that time Carlton dreamed Kyle was mean to her. I can't even. 

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