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S02.E22: The Wire

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Great Garak/Bashir episode.

We learn a lot about Garak, though not why he was exiled. We get to learn his first name. It is also an interesting view to see how horrible the last two years have been for Garak. It is also just nice to acknowledge that different species would be comfortable in different environments. I like how he criticizes lunches with Bashir, then admits he is angry at himself because he did enjoy them.

Bashir handled himself very well. Hurtful things were said, but he took it well.

I also like the Bajoran nurse. She is trying to save a man who admitted to causing harm to at least some of her people. She, like Bashir, is placing her patient above whatever she might feel.

The end with Bashir and Garak having lunch is good. Bashir wants to talk about it. Garak just wants to move on from it.

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The Bashir/Garak dynamic is one of my favroite of the entire series.

Their relationship (which they started in the SECOND EPISODE of the series!!) really grows, changes and matures.


If you're a Garak fan, try reading "A Stitch in Time". (It's one of the DS9 relaunch books, so it's [mostly] considered canon, I believe.)

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Given what we know about Bashir in hindsight, it provides an interesting parallel with the two of them especially with Garak's dedication to Cardassia. 


Bashir is a man who himself faces exile if his secret got out, having a condition that he was in no way responsible for and has never negatively affected his abilities as a member of the crew, but it would mean him being cast out of Starfleet if was revealed. He has to go day to day knowing that the field he's dedicated his life towards could all be taken away due to what could be reasonably described as outdated and archaic rules.


With that in mind its not hard to argue all the major officers on DS9 he perhaps would have more reason than anyone to be cynical or even bitter about the ideals and practices of the Federation. Yet he doesn't. Like Garak's patriotism towards Cardassia, he remains committed to Starfleet's capacity as a moral entity. His disturbed reaction the mere existence of Section 31 and righteous anger at Starfleet's passive allowance of it suggests that he is almost as dedicated to his idea of the Federation as Elim is to his homeworld.


So while the foremost never ending sacrifice for Julian is towards his medical ethics, I don't believe its entirely incorrect to suggest that he and Garak share similar passions for their respective nations.

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I've always liked this episode. Especially since you get an insight into Garak. I like how it is never revealed what he did to get exiled. However,

having seen the whole show and what he does in later seasons, makes me think he let the Barjorians go. He showed mercy, which maybe consisted weak to his father. Who led to him being exiled. Also had he killed cardiasions along with the bajorians, it would have been considered collateral damage.

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blueray, I'm inclined to think that none of the tales are true (as Tain put it "typical Garak - never tell the truth when a lie will do!") but

allowing the Bajorans to escape was probably closest to the truth.


My favourite line from the episode was the Bashir/Garak exchange at the end:


Bashir: Of all the versions you told me, which were true and which were the lies?

Garak: They were ALL true

Bashir: Even the lies!?

Garak: Especially the lies!

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