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Maureen Maher: Leather Jackets And Warehouses

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Just to add a comment...  I don't mean to rag on Maureen Maher, really...  I like her and I think she does her job very well!  I just find the leather jackets and her constant "posed" stances to be hilarious...  I still giggle over the comments I remember from the sadly-now-defunct TwoP site, "Why does Maureen Maher always look like she's on her way to a biker bar?" "The world is Maureen Maher's fashion shoot!"  And the warehouses, I will never understand.  Does it lend credibility to storytelling when you do it from a warehouse? And she's setting a trend!  Last season on Dateline, either or both Lester Holt and Andrea Canning were wearing leather jackets and in a warehouse.  Tamron Hall was recently telling one of her stories from a warehouse (though I don't recall what she was wearing).


I'm just easily amused.

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I snickered when I read the title to this thread! I have always thought it was odd that she always wears a leather jacket and is reporting from an abandoned warehouse. And the "warehouse" looks like she is standing in front of a green screen while a slightly pixilated image of a warehouse is put in behind her in editing. And her hand gestures and positions look so unnatural and posed.

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On 9/2/2020 at 7:04 PM, PJFreitag said:

I know I'm quite a bit late responding to this thread but what do you all think about suggesting an appearance for Maureen on "What Not to Wear" on TLC?


Hello! And I’m sure late replying too haha. Honestly I lost track of the show after I had my kid several years back. Is she still wearing leather jackets and hanging out in warehouses?


I don’t know how that TLC show works, thought the title is pretty obvious and you said makeover.  The thing is though, I remember once reading an interview with Maureen Maher who said she never wore leather jackets. So someone else is choosing her “look” and creating a persona, almost.  That’s weird, like as long as she’s not choosing something extremely unusual (like her pajamas or dressing like a 60s hippie) who cares what she wears?  Wouldn’t anything age-appropriate and nondescript do? Maybe if they can school her stylist on that show, okay….  I am curious *why leather *.

Ironically, Maureen Maher kind of “becomes part of the story” with her leather look but I thought that was NOT point with journalism (?!)


Anyway, I hope MM is doing well, all outfit jokes aside she always came across as thoughtful and compassionate with families. She seemed decent and kind, and of course that’s what matters ❤️

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Ok, though so petty (and I apologize for being so) I too have noticed her wearing, week after week, only waist length leather jackets. Not that it is a bad thing, it is an ok look on her. It's just a little strange, maybe a little weird, somewhat bizarre. ...and what is even stranger....that I am writing about it. Again, petty. At least I now know I am not the only one !! I have gotten to the point of watching, just to see what leather jacket she will don this week. And how many zippers will there be. Personally, I think she looks very uncomfortable in them. She doesn't seem to know what to do with her hands and arms. It matters not. She is good at her job and that is what is important. Now, what will happen in the near future she comes out wearing just regular 'ole clothes, maybe even a dress? What shall we do? Start writing in asking if Maureen is OK? I dare say I will be right along with the bandwagon....wondering! Again,  petty. A good 'petty's is good for the soul.

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