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Josh: Banana Hammock Collector


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Here's your Josh topic.  I am open to suggestions for a new thread title.  Too many to set up to be witty and I don't know these people yet.  I haven't watched any live feeds.

From the Utopia Website:


Josh Johnston, 36, father
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
“You can’t build a house without a general contractor, and you can’t build Utopia without me,” says Josh the Builder, a self-proclaimed “sexy beast” excited to help other people (into bed) and model his vast collection of “banana hammocks.”

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Unless he has a problem with alcohol, it seems a little strange that he got soooo wasted considering his age.  I might give a 20 year old a pass on partying so hard that they get sick (Hex), but a 36 year old person should have enough experience with alcohol to know their limit.  I'm all for a good buzz, but I don't ever want to be stumbling around.

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