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Season 15: All Episodes Thread

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Twelve of the best tattoo artists on the planet battle it out for the title of Ink Master. First 3 episodes premiered on November 1, 2023 on Paramount+ with following episodes to be released weekly. Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden returns as host, and Ryan Ashley and Nikko Hurtado return as judges. Three time champion, DJ Tambe, joins the judging panel replacing Ami James. 


Glad to have the show back. Seems like some interesting artists. Hate that they are having the judges coach teams of artists. Even if the judges promise to still be fair in who goes home, the show will manipulate it to try have all 3 judges represented in the finale. Plus we are subject to stupid fake rivalry between the judges, when we already suffer enough stupid fake rivalry between the contestants. All it ends up doing is giving the juddges too much focus when I would rather see more tattooing. They should do this like Project Runway and have an unbiased mentor work with the contestants. DJ should have come on as the Ink Master Tim Gunn. Having bitched about all that... I will be watching! 

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After 15 seasons I don’t know why I’m still surprised by the contestants who get shocked when they have to tattoo in a particular style they’ve supposedly never done, and Jozzy is no exception. “I don’t even own color”? Really? Why are you even on this show where every season there’s going to be at least one episode that tests your ability to work with color? Get off my TV.

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I agree, and it seems like they have been pushing her through for a couple weeks now. That skull that you could not even tell was a skull should have send her packing. 

I don't really "get" the style of the guy who did the winning animal hybrid and has won another time or two. It looks kinda of like illustrative mixed with graphic novel or something, but I don't find it particularly appealing. 

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Oh, yeah. I re-watched that episode with the skulls and even knowing it was supposed to be a skull, I just couldn’t find it. I don’t know how she keeps making it through. I wasn’t crazy about the skull tattoo that sent Jessica home, but at least I could tell what it was supposed to be.

I’m with you re Bobby’s tattoos. There’s just something…I dunno…lifeless in his work.

Honestly, we’re four episodes in and no one is really standing out for me. I don’t hate Freddy’s tattoos because at least they’re different, but he’s another big “I don’t work in this style, let me be meeeeee” whiner that makes it hard for me to root for him.

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They really want Jozzy to stay in this competition for some reason. Is it 5 (?) other females who have now been eliminated before her.

Bobby had the worst tattoo last episode for me, with the heart/helix thing, but I knew they woudn't boot him. One of the judges even said he wasn't "ready to let him go" as his reason for not choosing him, clearly implying it did not matter how bad his tattoo actually was. I wonder who is calling the shots on the eliminations. 

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I’m glad Jozzy didn’t make it to the final because I don’t think she even still should have been there. 

I agree that none of the finalists really stand out for me, but I guess I’m rooting for Freddie or John because Bobby’s work is my least favorite. John might have the edge over Freddie because he at least tries to meet the brief, while Freddie tends to throw up his hands and toss a pixellated heart into a traditional Japanese tattoo since “it’s a FREDDIE tattoo.” 

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Jozzy had no business even being in the running, so I think it's the right final three, but WTF with all of the judges giving Bobby the win when they all agreed he did not even meet the challenge. He basically did his own style but they liked it, so, oh well. The WHOLE POINT of that challenge was that you had to do the style you were called out on. That was bullshit, and in other judgings the panel  totally scrutinized whether someone met the challenge. Makes me feel like they are all playing favorites.  

I am totally rooting for Freddy. I like his work, and the quirky way he says tuhdoos. But the judges clearly want Bobby to win. I hope they will prove me wrong and let the best work on the day take it.  

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Well, given the work of all three tattoos for each artist, I think Bobby was the right winner, though I preferred Jon’s snake tattoo over the others.

I absolutely hated Freddie’s black & grey tattoo. Hated it sooooooo much. I get some of the judges defending the artistry (it was still awful), but I felt like it completely disregarded the fact that that poor guy has to wear  that thing. Freddie was so caught up in being An Artist that he didn’t think about whether he was creating something worth wearing. I would probably dump my partner if he came home with a tattoo like that (and yes, I’m aware that I am illustrating Bubba’s point that art should make you feel some kind of way).

I did really love Bobby’s third tattoo. It gave vintage art nouveau poster vibes and was just beautiful. 

Overall I felt like it was a bland season and I probably won’t remember much of it a week from now. 

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