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S01E07 - 150 Sq. Ft. Mobile Bachelor Pad

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Was there any clothes storage at all? Tiny is one thing, but hard wood slab benches with thin pads on top do not make for comfortable seating. I'd rather have folding directors chairs and a footstool.

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Didn't see any clothing storage mentioned, although he probably mainly has jeans, so maybe there are hooks and shelves up in the loft.
As far as comfortable seating, I got the impression that for TV watching, you were supposed to that from the loft too.

I'd have no use for the color-changing lighting, and I hated that so-called spiral staircase.  That looked downright dangerous.

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I'd certainly think the RV would be better.
I know they said the house took his $30 K savings, but that wouldn't cover the flatbed and truck, I'd assume.

Am I correct in thinking that these things are big enough that you just can't go wherever you want.

I know you could get a trucking atlas and figure the clearances, but this last one looked tall enough that you'd have to go beyond that.

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I call shenanigans on Francis ever moving that house again. The trailer for the house sunk half a foot into the ground putting it on the brother's land, but they glossed over how they solved that problem.

Were there any kind of room darkening shades? It didn't seem like it, so will he be getting up with the chickens?

Of the folks they've shown, I do think Francis is one of the few who seemed like he genuinely "embraced" the "tiny house movement."

I liked the British landscape designer better than John. I kind of want him to be the co-host.

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