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S09.E06: This is Going to Be a Spicy Leg

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The race heads east to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where a roadblock has teams revved up; at the detour, they must create the perfect arrangement or row to success; a twist has teams questioning what's next.


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I predict a GBS challenge - taking a part in a play or memory recitation.  There are also a number of Forts from the time of the "other" war of 1812 and there is lots of fodder there for a lookout challenge (always a favourite in the franchise) or maybe a rifle challenge where they have to load powder, then shot, and then hit a target. Within a time limit of course

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What a close race. Everyone  used up their  assist or Express  if they had one, so next leg( to be continued) will be an elimination  round.
I loved how surprised Tykat were,that they got the wine roadblock  right. The more you change the glasses around, the harder it gets.

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Wow, a couple teams seemed to have good noses for wine. The flavours were very different, but still. I love Niagara-on-the-Lake, such a beautiful place, very walkable. We did the Wine Trolley Tour, so fun!

I guess this ep was non-elim. Does anyone think that Justin and Jermaine are going to stumble themselves into winning this thing?

I feel bad for the locals who are working a challenge, went through all the trouble of setting it up and wait excitedly for teams, only to have most of them go, Nope, this is so awful we’re using passes to skip as much of it as possible. Was it that time-consuming to fill those water tanks? Seemed like some teams filled one pretty quickly.

Also noted that they’re in an area with a gazillion wineries, one participates in a challenge, but they don’t let the racers anywhere near the grapes.

This show always makes me want to travel even more in Canada!

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