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Dear Character: Questions from your Loyal Viewers

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Thread starter asks one of the characters a question.

Next person (defined as whoever answers first,) answers the question, as that character.

And then writes another question, to another character, for another person to answer.

After which they write another and yadda yadda yadda.



lettiemaefan420 posts:

Dear Bill:

Why can you say "look" and "cook" just fine, but have so much trouble remembering how to pronounce "Sookie?"


violetandmaxine4eva, if that's who answers first, might respond with:


Dear lettiemaefan420: Ah have not yet had the liberty of displaying to you mah flashbacks on the subject, but ah have, on other occasions before Suckeh, been in love. As you know, there have always been supanatural entities living amongst us. One of them, as fate would have it, was the lady to whom ah originally lost my human virginity to... a giant blue diabetic Sasquatch the local tribes referred to as the Ququeh Monster.


and then they might follow up with:


Dear Sam: Why don't you ever turn into a rhino?


Next person answers as Sam, then sends a question of their own to the next character.

Got it? Good. OK, here we go for real:


Dear Pam: How the fuck do the Yakuza keep on capturing you so easily?

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Dear CletusMusashi,


The Japanese are a small and crafty people. Plus, I had to keep Eric distracted from Sookie's precious fairy vagina somehow. You're welcome.



Dear Jessica,


What are you going to do about Hoyt eventually growing old and dying? Will you turn him?

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Dear Pam (?),

I plan on crying a lot and trying 2 keep Hoyt alive with my blood. Or perhaps in a few years we'll have a long, drawn-out discussion about me turning him so we can be 2getha 4eva!!!!1!!!1!1! I know we'll fight about it, and I'll cry a lot, but I'm sure Hoyt will make the right decision. But 4 a little while, we'll just live as though nothing bad will eva happen.


Dear Andy,

We good? I mean, I'm so sorry I killed 3/4 of ur children, but I've been trying soooooo hard 2 make it up 2 u. I mean, ur my landlord now, and I really, really, REALLY want us 2 b friends (I'm sorry, i just get so teary about these things). R u sure we're OK?

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Just to clear it up for people, the answer should be in character, but the followup questions generally will not be.

Although doing so is allowed, obviously. I was entertained.

And.. I have no idea how to write like Andy. That one's still open.

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Dear VillaVillekulla, 


The man you saw at my Thanksgiving Dinner was Jim.  We just met last night when I was out for a walk, so I don't know him real well but he seems kind and sweet and all.  


If you're referring to the man who got me pregnant I think that was Steve.  Or Phil.  Or I suppose it could have been Dave- being a fuckin' faerie makes it hard to do the math.




Dear Alcide, 


I get why the vampires were into her, since her blood is crack to them.  But what the hell was the allure for you?



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Dear phoenix780,

I abjured Debbie Pelt. I hunt with her no longer. I see her no longer. I share flesh with her no longer. But I did love her. Dammit she was hooked on that V shit. But I had Sookie's back from day one. I'm not that great at picking women.

A Lone Wolf

Dear Eric,

I must ask you.... why Sookie?

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