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Quark, Booth, and Lily in Sunnydale

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Do you ever have a hell of a time separating the actor from the part? Well, what if, instead of the Sunnydale character you know that actor by, one of their other roles had been stuffed into the same niche?


How would it change things? Would Season 1 have gone differently if the Church of Aurelius were ruled by The Maestro? What if the Watcher's Council had installed Uther Pendragon as school librarian? What if the werewolf had turned out to be Chris Griffin? 


Here's an example:


If Quark had been principal of Sunnydale, he would have been less actively belligerent toward the Slayer than Snyder, but would have still quite willingly worked for The Mayor. Instead of simply snarling at kids, he would have tried to instill them with a respect for their community's economy. You can't run around cutting school, because kids running around on the street all afternoon with obvious weapons lowers their families' property values. That type of argument. Since Quark was a lot smarter than Snyder, he might have been slightly more effective against the Scoobies. Perhaps enough to turn things in the Mayor's favor. You know, unless Buffy took one look at his bald lumpy head and little tiny mole teeth and immediately stabbed him to death...


Anybody else have a cast member whose roles they'd like to shuffle?

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