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Six remaining bakers set out in pursuit of flakey, buttery deliciousness as they take on pastry week-no soggy bottoms here!  From favorite childhood snacks to street food classics, plus pies galore, it's a week for tasty treats in the baking tent. 


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Definitely an up and down episode for all of them. I wanted to try all of the pop-tarts and none of the pies.  

Sean probably deserved to go but it was a bit of a shocker.  I loved the look of his showstoppers including this one but raw won't cut it.  I really felt for him having to make his own peanut butter.  It's not hard to do but the cheap "American Brand" stuff really is perfect for Peanut Butter Flavored baked items because of its sugar content and stabilizers...and lack of oil. 

Sara seemed like she'd be a weak baker but she did deserve star baker.  She's been showing up more and more. 

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Apparently they would have been copywrited if they had said Pop Tart? 
I never heard of stacking pies before so this was interesting. Midwestern (Chicago) here and grew up and still eating sweet corn. Never heard of it in a pie. But the judges liked it so that’s all that mattered. Sara deserved star baker.

I was thinking Sean might make it to the finale, it’s too bad he had a bad week. 

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