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S01.E06: Sparklefingers

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Governments are introducing new laws on EOD testing, while Urbandox’s followers are growing more dangerous... forcing some to keep their Power hidden, while putting others in the line of fire.

Premiere Date: April 20, 2023        Prime Video        

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Is anyone keeping track of the timeline on the show?  How long has it been since EOD was discovered?  It seems to be a relatively short period of time - weeks, if that.  But in that time they've developed a lie-dector sort of machine, tested them, manufactured them, trained people on how to use them, etc.?  That seemed a bit far fetched.  I'd find it more believable if they simply held a multi-meter up against a woman's collar bone and see if it registers current. 

The Mayor's senatorial announcement speech was rather tone deaf, and while that rings a bit true to the character, there's no way her chief of staff would have approved that speech.  She would have put in all sorts of comments about respecting men/boys, curbing abuses of EOD, etc.  I could see a great analogy to gun ownership - just because someone is carrying a gun doesn't mean they will use it.  We don't lock up people carrying guns because they have the potential to hurt people (sadly, just the opposite, certain states are encouraging people to walk around carrying guns), but instead have laws and penalties for mis-use of guns.  Same could be said of EOD.  This is where I'm hoping someone on this show goes. 

I did like the twist of Jos' boyfriend being intersex and having it.  But I don't think that is going to end well...

When did the younger daughter show up?  Is this the first time we've seen her?


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I’m sad that this show doesn’t have more fans or that it’s not talked about in the media. I think it does such a great job making salient points about current issues in such a unique way.

All the juxtaposing about men/boys being upset about their loss of power when women/girls have lived with those exact issues for millennia. Adding in the political reactions and then this episode adding the intersex boy getting the power and wanting to hide it, so interesting.

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