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Those About to Die in the Media

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Some older news:

Two-Time Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins Joins the Cast of Roland Emmerich's Spectacular Gladiator Series "Those About to Die"


THOSE ABOUT TO DIE is an epic drama set in the complex and corrupt world of spectacle-driven gladiatorial competition. The series introduces an ensemble of diverse characters from all parts of Roman society who collide at the intersection of sports, politics and dynasties of the ancient world.

 Hopkins, the first major cast member announced for the project, plays Vespasian, the Emperor of Rome and head of the Flavian bloodline. He is battle tested, a rural upstart who claimed his throne after victory in a bloody ten-year civil war. He is aging and is despised by the Patricians jockeying for position in the Empire and looking to supplant his heirs to the throne the first chance they get.

‘Those About To Die’: More Cast Join Anthony Hopkins In Peacock’s Gladiator Series


Lorenzo Richelmy, Tom Hughes, Sara Martins, Jojo Macari, Gabriella Pession, Dimitri Leonidas and Moe Hashim will join Anthony Hopkins in the AGC Television series

Hughes (The English, Dancing on the Edge) will play Titus Flavianus, the elder son and of Vespasian and apparent heir to the Imperial throne, and Macari (Sex Education, Masters of the Air) plays younger son Domitian. Richelmy (Marco Polo, Fifteen Love) has now been cast as ambitious crime boss Tenax. Martins (Pigalle, Citadel) will play ruthless trader Cala, Hashim (Ted Lasso) is her son Kwame, Pession (Ferdinando e Carolina, Station 19) is politician and ruthless patrician Antonia, and Leonidas (The Monuments Men, Masters of the Air) plays Scorpus, the preeminent charioteer of the age.


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Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones) has replaced Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco Polo) who dropped out because of scheduling conflicts.

The only other name I recognise in the cast besides Hopkins and Tom Hughes is Rupert Penry-Jones, who seems to be playing an ambitious patrician.

I am a sucker for historical dramas, especially those set in Ancient Rome.  Really looking forward to this.  No word on release date yet.

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