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The Lost King (2023)

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The preview gives away pretty much all of the movie, although the outcome is widely known because it was in the news.  But I didn't know much about it other than they found the body in a car park, and I found the movie a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. 

It was educational for me--I'm not the Shakespeare type, and I can never keep the various kings and queens straight, never mind the intrigue.  Until this movie, the only exposure to Richard III I can remember was in The Goodbye Girl.  Now I'm kind of interested.

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I'd read a  lot about it when the body was found, and I had read a lot of history.  I was really turned off by the trailer with costume man appearing are reappearing and reappearing.  I don't think the movie writers and rewriters of recent history have had me in mind as part of their target audience.  change my mind/?

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On 3/29/2023 at 10:07 PM, enoughcats said:

change my mind/?

Probably not.  For some reason I actively enjoyed Richard III showing up like that.  And all the Richard III Society stuff was new to me, so it was interesting.

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Oh this looks good. I remember when the body was found but, didn't know the back storyvof how it was found,  i thought it was by accident.

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