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S23.E07: The Battles Premiere

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The battle rounds begin as the coaches prepare their artists to go head-to-head in hopes of advancing to the knockouts or advancing straight to playoffs with the coveted, brand-new playoff pass; each coach has one steal and one playoff pass.

Airs March 27 at 8:00pm on NBC

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Chance completely read my mind when he said the two guys singing on Team Blake were the same guy. It was funny because it was kinda true.  Kelly knew too. i think she was surprised someone actually said it.

After Blake said that was the easiest choice he ever had to make, I was shocked and rather dumbfounded he didn't use his new playoff pass thing. I'm also surprised he wasn't the first coach to use it.

I'm really enjoying Chance as a Coach. He's really earnest about helping and you can tell his heart is in it. 

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So each coaches' battle that ends w/ the playoff pass being used is the one battle on each team that the artists would be better off losing?

Like, I suppose Sorrelle (the sister trio) should be happy that they didn't lose (which potentially opens them up to being out of the competition altogether), but at the same time seeing the person you supposedly "beat" get a fast forward pass through the next round has to bring some mixed emotions/frustrations..

I'm glad Blake went w/ the rock guy w/ the hat. I think the assumption was the other (non hat) guy would have the stronger performance, but he really sounded strained. Way more than hat guy.

I just knew that Allie (the rock chick) was toast when I saw the pairing. I thought the older guy who got paired up w/ the young ingenue was going to be toast too (factoring in years and years of battles like that where they younger, not quite ready contestant got the win anyway). I was pleasantly surprised that Chance went in his direction. And I was floored that she didn't get a steal from another coach..


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43 minutes ago, PhD-Purgatory15 said:

So each coaches' battle that ends w/ the playoff pass being used is the one battle on each team that the artists would be better off losing?

I was thinking that, too.  It's counterintuitive. Who really wins the battle when that Pass thingie is used?  I think it's a badly thought out gimmick designed to limit the number of live shows this season.

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