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S01.05: Sharks in the Water

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So the boat docked in Naples and the couples had to make a Napoleon style pizza.  They bought ingredients and were judge by 2 pizzeria owners on taste and how the toppings reflected their story.

Emily and Marty won, their pizza with sweet tomatoes and onion was more “authentic “ naplesese, whereas the other couples chose more unique ingredients.  They won captains table, and $10,000.  Emily also gets to choose first.

Kendra and Jordan seemed to get closer, Nathan opened up more to Alisa, Sarah and Dean butted heads.  Shea and Daniel flirted.

Next at the cocktail party Ediri and Dustin show up.  Ediri made a beeline to Shea.  Dustin went to Alisa.  Kendra tells Nathan he has to give more.  So he interrupts. 

Emily and Marty at the captains table talk about how they were in the suite before and enjoyed their time behind closed doors, but not physical.  Marty is ok to be patient. No staying over night is fine.  We do see them hanging in the suite.

Dustin and Sarah talk.  Daniel is challenged trusting Shea.   Nathan tells Alisa he wants to go to the end with her.  Alisa talking head says she’s not sure what to do.

crew knows Nathan and Alisa are just friends.  So they send Nathan and Sarah on a date, and Ediri and Shea.  

Ediri and Shea go wine tasting.  Shea likes he’s older and more mature. but daniel is fun and playful.

Nathan and Sarah do cocktails.  She brings him out a bit more.  He says he’s private.  Neither are looking long term.  He wants to stick with Alisa. Dustin and Alisa sunbathe. They talk travel as Dustin travels a lot and it’s her passion. Alisa talks that Nathan is her pattern, emotional closed guys, so maybe she will break her pattern.

sail away ceremony 

Emily picks Marty (duh)

Kendra picks Jordan (duh)

Shea picks ……Daniel

Alisa picks …..Dustin (oooo big change up)

Sarah picks Nathan!!!  Oo awkward! She feels she has a lot in common with him.  He feels a bit hurt, but will move on.

Next week Crete.

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