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S18.E23: Port of Last Resort

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As ice blocks St. Paul Harbor, captains race to deliver their final snow crab. Sig deploys a risky tactic his father pioneered, while Jake battles a slack tank to save the Saga. Keith and John scuttle a plan as the Wizard's 77-year-old hull cracks open.

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$130K per crew member for one season.  Wow.  Good for the Patty Lee.  I really enjoyed seeing the brailer filled with bait transfer.

Was Jake snakebit, or was he one lucky hombre?   I lean towards being fortunate.  But, the same tank's pumps failing twice in a few days?  Whoa.

I wonder if John did not call Keith much sooner than the edit implied.  He had zero reason to hide his final bounty.  The season was over for the TB.  Disco shenanigans, imo.  I loved his target practice on that wire ice and the block.  

Arguably the best final eps in many seasons.  The CM did not exist.  "UM! UM! UM!" - me doing the Keith happy fist pump.

Given the preview and ep description, I was hyped to see some good ol' fashioned navigating issues getting into St. Paul.  I was quite surprised that the harbor stayed open, allowing Sig and Keith to offload days later.  I also was a bit surprised that the cannery agreed to hold space for the Saga as she was arriving.  Those folks are not known for being reasonable nor nice.  Maybe they figured it was just in their best interest to buy as much crab as possible.

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