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S01.E32: Return of the Kazekage

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In case anybody missed it, here are the taking points of the first season finale . . .


1. Teams Guy and Kakashi returned to the Sand Village with Gaara, much to everybody's delight. Oh, and Lady Chiyo's dead body, which is buried pretty quickly. The warm welcome Gaara receives is a nice contrast from how he had been feared, pre-Shippuden, and he and Naruto shake hands and have a moment.


2.Meanwhile, friggin' Deidara (the guy I had been calling "Clay") is still alive. He joins up with Zetzu (aka "Venus Flytrap Guy") and the overly ambitious Tobi. Thanks to his mask, I've seen some people cosplay as Tobi. Oh, and he almost gets choked out by Deidara for being an asshole.


3. Over in the Leaf Village, Lady Tsuande gets word about the mission's relative success. Her aide (whose name I've forgotten) is all, "Was it wise to send a Jinchuriki [tailed-beast possessor] on the mission?" and Tsunade's reply is that the only person that can understand a Jinchuriki is another Jinchuriki. BTW, the paragraph is brought to you by the magic of CTRL-C.


4. Teams Guy and Kakashi take their leave, and Guy insists that an ailing Kakashi take a piggyback ride, much to everyone else's horror (except for Rock Lee, who -- being Rock Lee -- sees it as a training exercise, and he tries to get Neji on his back).


5. Deep in the Leaf, a bandaged guy is prepping Team Kakashi's newest member. The boy's name is "Sai,' at least for this mission, and he's supposed to be the brightest of his generation. Also, he has a good fake smile. I'd elaborate, but I don't want to spoil any details.

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I particularly liked the part where Deidara was all "Hands off!" with Tobi. <rim shot>


I want to know where Deidara is gonna wear his ring now. Wait...on second thought maybe I don't want to know.


And now we know that Gai is the uke and Kakashi is the seme in the relationship.

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"Uke" means "top," yaoi-wise, right? I don't see it like that. Guy's just ultra-competitive, and sees Kakashi as his ultimate rival. Kakashi is probably more powerful than Guy, but he doesn't give a crap either way.

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