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Cons: It's So Stupid It Just Might Work

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Having just rewatched the pilot episode last night, I did love the twist involving "exigent circumstances" where Neal gets himself "kidnapped" and brought into the facility, knowing that it was outside his radius and Peter would be forced to come after him... allowing Peter the reason to go into the building and see all the evidence in plain sight. Very clever.


Of course, they made themselves an enemy in Curtis Hagen by doing that, which was fun too.


Hagen (to Neal): "You are a particular kind of bastard!"



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I love the solution to the problem in the pilot episode as well Sinkwriter. In fact it is why I like action adventure series generally; I enjoy seeing a good bit of unconventional problem solving. Other than the pilot I like the episode where Neal successfully manages to switch out the paintings under Peter's eye. I know it doesn't stand up in real life for a second but the whole sequence is entertaining and true to Neal's character.

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