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Valerie Cherish: "She's It!"

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I'm thrilled about the show coming back and will be there with bells on when it does, but I gotta get ready to experience all that second-hand embarrassment/pain on Valerie's behalf again. I know she's a...difficult...person, who brings so much on herself, but I just feel SO BAD for her so often. Two times stand out -- when she has her own special episode but it gets the show put on hiatus...and *then* Tom Selleck calls her back. She just sounds so sad and small and defeated on that call. And the story about the field hockey team not letting her in the picture at the end of the year. **sniffle**


The entertainment world as it is now, compared to how it was almost ten years ago, is only going to feed into Valerie's worst instincts and characteristics. I expect her desperation -- to be famous, to be liked/loved, to be the center of attention -- to somehow be worse, which will make her both more pitiable and frustrating.

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I'm assuming that Roos and Kudrow developed both Valerie Cherish and Fiona Wallace characters.


It's an interesting contrast.  Valerie is so eager to please, putting up that smiling facade constantly, unwilling to speak up for herself, avoiding confrontation.


Fiona has no problems telling people what she thinks.  She will suck up to people who can help her business but will openly mock or confront people.


Yet, both characters are dumped on or wronged, as if how they treat others doesn't matter in how others treat these characters.  Valerie should be the diva, having tasted big success, but her desperation comes from trying to stay in the limelight.  Fiona hasn't experienced that kind of success yet she has a certain sense of entitlement.


Valerie knows that she's being taken advantage of but she thinks she can win people over, including Paulie G.  Fiona seems more oblivious, despite the more sophisticated face that she presents, like having the gay husband.

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