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[BUG, FIXED] Screen Keeps moving and "stretching"

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I don't know if this is a bug, or a result of the individual search bars in each thread, but when I click on a forum, it stretches to fill my whole computer screen, and then "moves" to adjust the search bar and "mark as read" option.

There's no way to screen cap this, as it's not stationary, but the box keeps moving.

I'll try to screen cap how it looks before clicking on a thread and/or forum and after, as this only happens on the desktop and laptop.

Windows 10 and Windows 11/Google Chrome.


ETA: The screen won't stay still enough for me to grab an image before it stretches. Here's the after:



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I don't think so - that really should just get the overall page structure back to "normal" with the sidebar structures in place.

Centering: I'm not seeing this in the editor at all as I type this (that is what you mean yes?)

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14 hours ago, AllAstronauts said:

Ads were temporarily disabled. With them back things should be as before.

Ah! That explains it! ALL FIXED! Even though I have ad-blocker, it was weird and giving me a headache, the way the page kept twitching and stretching.

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