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S01.E05: Episode 5

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As Frances and Nick grow closer things become tense between Bobbi and Frances. Bobbi can sense Nick’s attraction to Frances and becomes frustrated with Frances’s reluctance to talk about it. A visit from Melissa’s agent raises tensions in the villa.

Original Airdate: May 15, 2022

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I haven’t read the book but going solely off the show, which should be able to standalone since the creators knew it would attract viewers that didn’t have prior knowledge of the text, I think both Nick and Frances are utterly charmless. As individuals and a couple.  

Which works for them, in a way. Or at least in the beginning. Right now they should be slightly more comfortable with each other or at least seem genuinely fond, yet they’re extremely wooden around each other and sex is the only time I buy that there’s any sort of passion between them. Which doesn’t work since it seems like they’re meant to have this magmatic draw yet regard each other like reluctant coworkers forced into a group project together.  I mean, you can be awkward and have a careful, hesitant relationship with someone and still have chemistry.  With them, the spark simply isn’t there. Most of the cast seems to be sleepwalking, other than Bobbi, who comes across as larger than life but really, is the only lively one in the bunch and to me, is an accurate portrayal of someone her age who lives the life she does. Melissa is also interesting and the actress is great, her acting choices add a lot more layers to the Cold Wife role than I expected. 

I’m enjoying the show, like the pacing and the fact that the episodes are so quick to get through but still, it’s more of a background watch than anything. 

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Sometimes Frances acts childishly, and she can't say what she wants. But that's fine. This was a novel about a young woman growing up.

The problem is that when Frances jokingly said something like "Do you even have a personality?" to Nick, it seemed like the truth. She doesn't have much personality and he has less. That may be realistic but it does not make for great viewing! You need one of them to have more life and liveliness. One flat, quiet, awkward, passive introvert is fine, but a relationship between two of them is not going to light up the screen.

Also, I'm not crazy about the dialogue. It's not a great sign when the characters tell us they're awkward and lacking personality.

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