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S03.E09: Silence

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Donnie and Moretti are caught in the crossfire when a sniper shoots up the lobby of the Federal Building. When Pierce determines that the shooter is afraid of Extreme Low Frequency radio waves, he and Moretti take a trip to the Quiet Zone in Virginia, where they think the shooter is hiding out. Meanwhile, an alluring woman named Shelby Buchanan courts Donnie to run for political office.

I don't know if last week's episode jumped the shark, or if y'all are busy swimming and whatnot, but I'm going to watch this shortly.
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The Donny/Kate drama is getting old. The "hot" campaign manager needs a new line of work if she can't resist kissing her engaged candidate in public while flaunting a lot of cleavage. The only thing that would make sense is if she's really supporting another candidate and was planning to build up Donny and then sabotage him to clear the running field for her real candidate. I'm sure I've seen that plot elsewhere. And she is sooo his ex-cheating partner.

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It seems clear that Kate and Donnie are not getting married.  Does anyone know if there really is a "Quiet Zone" in West Virginia?

Yes: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_National_Radio_Quiet_Zone

And now we know why Daniel was hallucinating a CB operating trucker:

...Not all radio transmissions are prohibited in the Radio Quiet Zone. For example Citizen's Band radios, police and ambulance radios, and fire department radios are used there....

I guess they nixed the idea of having them actually use CB radios in the dead zone because that would've been too easy and/or disturbed the peace more than shotgun blasts.
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Okay - I think I'm going to have to vacation to that little corner of silence with a large pile of books.  It kind of sounds awesome!


Hope the X-Ray machine shooter gets help.  He seemed like a nice boy. (And why would he not get his security deposit back unless he glued the tin foil into place?)


Totally knew the husband was the FBI agent killer.

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